Write-Offs: 02.04.13

$$$ Creditors Allege Penney Violated Debt Terms [WSJ]

$$$ Steve Wynn Gets Dismissal of Suit Over Macau Donation [Bloomberg]

$$$ The CFTC had a roundtable on the futurization of swaps [Free Exchange]

$$$ And the SEC will have a hearing on de-decimalization [Bloomberg]

$$$ Did Securitization Lead to Riskier Corporate Lending? [FRBNY]

$$$ AAA CLO paper looks attractive on a relative basis [Sober Look]

$$$ “There was also, between the lines, a fresh hope: Goldman had employed an idealist! For a decade!” Michael Lewis reviews Why I Left Goldman Sachs [TNR]

$$$ Marta proves to be top dog at Puppy Bowl IX [Metro]

$$$ An investment bank is looking for a lev fin associate in New York [DBCC]

$$$ SEC Expands Probe On Executive Trades [WSJ]

$$$ My Three Favorite Quotes from Baupost’s 2012 Year End Letter [DDI]

$$$ “Will this central calculation be wrong? Yes, clearly so. Will it be differently wrong for different banks? No, it will be wrong in the same way for everyone. But does that introduce an incentive for all banks to behave the same way? No, it doesn’t. This is partly because many banks don’t care about market risk RWAs (think Wells Fargo or Lloyds) and partly because even the ones that do don’t base their behaviour simply on what is cheapest in capital terms.” [DEM]

$$$ “A bubble means that people are buying an asset at ever-rising prices for speculative reasons, not for the fundamental value of the asset but because they are assuming somebody else will buy it at a higher price. I see no evidence of this behavior by buyers of Treasury bonds.” [WonkBlog]

$$$ Chefs Who Served Whale Sushi Are Going to Jail [Grub Street]

$$$ Watch Shaq’s Amazing Super Bowl Sing-Along to Beyoncé’s “Halo” [Gawker]

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  1. Puppies + CLOs says:

    Something tells me this was a Matt closing bell