Write-Offs: 02.05.13

$$$ RBS reaches Libor settlement [FT]

$$$ Bernanke Voiced Alarm Over Credibility of Ratings Firms [Bloomberg]

$$$ The Receivables Exchange [Sober Look]

$$$ Rollover Risk as Market Discipline: A Two-Sided Inefficiency [FRBNY]

$$$ Goldman has a new “what kind of banker would you be?” quiz [Bloomberg View]

$$$ “Staff at a Japanese zoo have been practising procedures designed to recapture escaped animals in the event of an earthquake. An employee of Tama Zoo outside Tokyo donned a zebra costume during the drill as emergency workers set up a barricade. Carrie Gracie describes how the scenario culminated in the ‘zebra’ being tranquilised.” There is video. [BBC]

$$$ Highland is looking for a desk analyst for credit trading in Dallas [DBCC]

$$$ Nasdaq Talks Settlement in Facebook IPO [WSJ]

$$$ LBOs, junk yields, and earnings yields [Free Exchange]

$$$ Two students lose fingers in tug-of-war at California high school [Reuters]

$$$ Death Star Lollipops [Copyranter]

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5 Responses to “Write-Offs: 02.05.13”

  1. Might Happen says:

    Sometimes I feel like Matt applies to the jobs he posts, solely so he can do the whole Dick Bove thing and interview the employer and then tell them unfortunately they'll have to go with another candidate.

  2. RBS sucks guy says:

    RBS sucks

  3. Little Fritz says:

    Recapturing a Zebra, no problem. But your gonna need a dart the size of a 727 to get Godzilla back in his cage

  4. #BronxZooCobra says:

    You can't hold me back.