Write-Offs: 02.06.13

$$$ Geithner plans financial crisis book [CNN, earlier]

$$$ Former Top Media Banker Sues Los Angeles and 2 Police Officers [DealBook, earlier]

$$$ LionTree Advisors zooms up the M&A league tables [Bloomberg]

$$$ “In his closely watched annual letter, Tilson said his Kase Fund – formerly T2 Partners before he split with Glenn Tongue last year – lost 1.7 percent compared to the Standard & Poor’s 500 total return of 16 percent. He attributed the weakness to a highly correlated market that made divergences difficult to find.” [CNBC]

$$$ Ask Matt Taibbi anything on Reddit tomorrow [RS]

$$$ Employment Agency Apologizes For Hooking Teen Up with Brothel Job [Gawker]

$$$ PSEG is looking for a quantitative analyst to join its Energy Resource and Trade business in Newark [DBCC]

$$$ RBS didn’t admit to systematically lowering Libor during the crisis [Bloomberg]

$$$ TIPS spreads remain correlated with equities [Money Illusion]

$$$ Money Market Funds Intermediation, Bank Instability, and Contagion [FRBNY]

$$$ The Risk Ownership Society [Dissent / Steve Randy Waldman]

$$$ Christie Calls Doctor Who Raised Weight Concerns a ‘Hack’ [Bloomberg]

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2 Responses to “Write-Offs: 02.06.13”

  1. Lyle L. & Large Band says:

    Dear Matty Tabby:
    If Ford is to Chevrolet What Dodge is to Chrysler What Corn Flakes are to Post Toasties What the clear blue sky is to the deep blue sea What Hank Williams is to Neil Armstrong Can you doubt we were made for each other?

  2. Easy comps from Whit says:

    Tilson…..hahahahahahahaha…..you suck so badly, it makes me laugh. Thanks for once again taking the other side of my trades.

    Maybe you should spend more time learning to invest instead of marketing yet another stupid hedge fund name or conference. Even with Ackhorn and Einman holding your hand, you still suck.