Write-Offs: 02.07.13

$$$ Overheating in Credit Markets: Origins, Measurement, and Policy Responses [Fed, also Free Exchange]

$$$ Justice Department, states weigh action against Moody’s [Reuters]

$$$ Apple Jumps After Saying in Discussions to Return Cash [Bloomberg]

$$$ Christie Conditionally Backs New Jersey Internet Gambling [WSJ]

$$$ “Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti was presented with a small white dog he dubbed Empatia during an appearance on a TV program. … Bignardi then asked Monti if he would also like to adopt a dog and brought out the small mixed-breed canine. Monti said holding the fluffy dog felt ‘magnificently good.’” [UPI]

$$$ Cohen & Steers is looking for a US REITs research associate in New York [DBCC]

$$$ “Last October, certain Dell employees were forced to sell some of their company stock at just $9.55 per share. Now the company is being sold to founder Michael Dell for $13.65 per share.” [Fortune]

$$$ K.K.R.’s Profit Jumps 22% on Investment Gains [DealBook]

$$$ Ackman to Herbalife: You’re Not the Girl Scouts [DealBook]

$$$ Generic Brand Cat Can’t Hide His Disappointment [Copyranter]

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  1. Posted by Cough Cough | February 8, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    "Christie Conditionally Backs New Jersey Internet Gambling" – but, he refuses to build another tunnel connecting NJ to NYC (which NJ would pay 14% of for),… oh well, we'll all just sit here and suck fumes in the Holland while stuck in traffic…