Write-Offs: 02.20.13

$$$ Fed Officials Feared Easy Money Could Rattle Markets [WSJ]

$$$ Office Depot and OfficeMax Announce Plans to Merge, After Erroneous Release [DealBook]

$$$ JPMorgan Said to Seek First Sale of Mortgage Bonds Since Crisis [Bloomberg]

$$$ Credit-Trader Exodus to Hit Revenue at Gleacher [WSJ]

$$$ “My first thought was, ‘Well, why not make a TV series about firewood?’ And that eventually cut down to a 12-hour show, with four hours of ordinary produced television, and then eight hours of showing a fireplace live.” [NYT]

$$$ Herbalife has a pretty amazing anthem that it played on its earnings call today [BI]

$$$ A global fixed income trading platform is seeking sales people to join their team in San Francisco [DBCC]

$$$ Support CapitalistPig by buying a genuine MF Global trading jacket [CapitalistPig, earlier]

$$$ McKinsey Tries to Recruit Mothers Who Left the Fold [WSJ]

$$$ Chesapeake probe finds no ‘intentional’ CEO misconduct [Reuters]

$$$ Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group is doing some public relations [II alpha]

$$$ Primary Dealers’ Waning Role in Treasury Auctions [Liberty Street]

$$$ Authorities in Oklahoma Say They Seriously Believe Local Man Spontaneously Combusted [Gawker]

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2 Responses to “Write-Offs: 02.20.13”

  1. Fred A. Stair says:

    Go look at the Herbalife dance. It's awesome, if you like watching a teenager demonstrate a "dance" designed for geriatric, rhythmically-challenged white people. It makes the Achy-Breaky look like Baryshnikov.

  2. Guest says:

    12 hours of TV about firewood? Still more entertaining than Shazar.