Do Not Feed The Consultant

The prospect of physical violence does not rate on the list of risks inherent in hiring Dick Fuld as a consultant.

We have engaged Mr. Richard S. Fuld, Jr. as a consultant which might attract negative publicity as a result of his employment with Lehman Brothers. Mr. Fuld has been affiliated for the greater part of his career with Lehman Brothers, including serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors when Lehman Brothers sought bankruptcy protection in 2008. If Mr. Fuld suffers adverse publicity in connection with his prior association with Lehman Brothers, such events may reduce the effectiveness of Mr. Fuld’s endorsement of our Company and, in turn, adversely affect our revenue and results of operations.

Fuld Disclosure [WSJ]

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3 Responses to “Do Not Feed The Consultant”

  1. Jon E. Corzine says:

    This is like the inverse of my "key man " stepup floater on the last debt I sold at MF.

  2. Deleveraging says:

    If you think about it, hiring Dick Fuld makes a lot of Sense. If your customer base regularly handles Hazardous Materials, having someone Toxic on your team like Dick is a shoe-in for business developement

  3. Guest says:

    Why hasn't a drug company offered him money to do ads for their hypertension drug……or at least licensed this picture?