Lawyer: George Soros Reserves His Strength To Plow Through Large Numbers Of Women, Not To Throw Lamps At Them (Like They Do To Him)

If you were to have told me in August 2011 that a story about George Soros’s love life involving women 60 years his junior, “on again, off again non-exclusive relationships,” dream apartments, broken promises, and broken lamps would still be unfolding 19 months later and getting better at each turn I would have told you to check yourself. And yet it has! With an amazing update that involves George Soros allegedly being assaulted with the light fixture he allegedly assaulted his non-exclusive girlfriend with and an official reminder that George Soros has had sex with more women by 9AM than most people have in their entire lives. But first, a recap:

2005-2010: George Soros has a relationship of debatable seriousness depending on who you ask with a woman named Adriana Ferreyr. (According to Ferreyr, it was a “serious and meaningful relationship,” while according to Soros, things were “on-again, off-again and non-exclusive.”) Ferrreyr is promised her “dream apartment” on East 85th Street.

Summer 2010: Several days after the contract on the apartment is signed, Soros “heartlessly dumps” Ferreyr, which means no dream apartment for her.

Approximately a week later: The duo “briefly reconcile for a romantic night together.”

A few hours later: Soros “whispers in Ferreyr’s ear” that another woman, Tamikoa Bolton, is living in her apartment. Ferreyr expresses strong displeasure at this revelation. Soros supposedly slaps Ferreyr across the face and attempts “to strike her with a glass lamp, narrowly missing.”

August 2011: Ferreyr publicly demands $50 million for broken promises re: dream apartments, makes allegations re: lamps.

Later in August 2011: Soros strongly denies accusations, refuses to pay Ferreyr a dime.

February 2012: Soros offers to settle for $250,000, Ferreyr refuses, a court date is set for the spring.




August 13, 2012: Ferreyr, through her lawyer, wishes the happy couple all the best, maintains she’s getting that apartment.

And if you thought the last 7 months of affianced bliss had changed Soros, that the days spent wedding planning and nights spent dreaming of watching his third bride walk down the aisle had softened his stance re: Ferreyr, that he’d decided to just give her the apartment and maybe a couple mill out of pity or just to be done with the whole thing, you thought wrong! He’s fighting this thing to the death and if it means dragging it out well past his nuptials, so be it.

Soros’ lawyers last night filed their response to the Brazilian bombshell’s $50 million suit in 2011, which claimed he promised her a $2 million apartment at 30 E. 85th St. but instead gave it to her love rival, his now-fiancée Tamiko Bolton. Soros’ papers state: “Soros and Ferreyr . . . engaged in a physically intimate relationship over the course of several years. [They] continued to date other people. [At the time of the alleged assault in 2010] Soros was approximately 80 years old, and Ferreyr was approx. 27 years old.” […] Soros’ suit claims the fight started “while lying in bed” when “Ferreyr asked Soros about the status of the apartment . . . Soros informed her that another woman with whom he had a relationship was living in Apt. 7C, and that the other woman was very happy living there.” “Ferreyr became enraged, picked up a nearby lamp that was made partly of glass, and knowingly, intentionally, and wilfully attempted to strike Soros with it,” his suit claims. “The lamp struck Soros’ forearm, then fell to the floor and broke . . . Soros did not hit Ferreyr . . . Ferreyr stood up and cut her foot on one or more of the shards of glass.” Soros’ lawyer William Zabel said, “This is the first time that we have had an opportunity to respond formally to Ms. Ferreyr’s false claims and to make our own counterclaims to hold her accountable for the harm her malicious assertions have caused Mr. Soros.” Ferreyr’s lawyer William Beslow declined to comment.

Please note the commitment Soros and his lawyers have made to reminding people every step of the way that GS was only in this “relationship,” if one insists on calling it that, to get laid, despite Ferreyr’s claims to the contrary, and that he was also getting laid on the side and on the side of the side and the side of that.  A judge probably wouldn’t care either way, so it seems clear this is being done for Ferreyr’s benefit. You want a piece of Jorge? YOU GOT IT.

George Soros: Ex threw lamp at me [NYP]

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31 Responses to “Lawyer: George Soros Reserves His Strength To Plow Through Large Numbers Of Women, Not To Throw Lamps At Them (Like They Do To Him)”

  1. Shaz's Inner Thought says:

    Plowing hookers = good

  2. Guest says:

    If becoming a billionaire only gets me girls who look like that, I am working too hard.

  3. gab says:

    I'll have some of what he's having.

  4. VonSloneker says:

    I'm torn, this seemingly meritless case begs to be thrown out of court…but the entertainment value

    – Confused Bros before hos guy

  5. says:

    Deirdre Bolton > Tamikoa Bolton

  6. Im_a_Dude says:

    just curious, but did he have the "clap-on" device connected to the lamp?

  7. PokeMyEyeOut says:

    Michael Bolton > Deirdre Bolton > Tamikoa Bolton

  8. Alt_EST says:

    Soros: You can't sign the papers.
    Adriana: You set me up.
    Soros: You're gonna blame me because you were the business end of a casual, on-again-off-again 'relationship' and you made a bad business deal with your own casual sex partner?
    Adriana: This is gonna be like I'm not living park-adjacent on the Upper East Side.
    Bolton: It won't be like you're not living park-adjacent on the Upper East Side. You're not living park-adjacent on the Upper East Side.
    Adriana: My name's on the buzzer.
    Bolton: You might wanna check again.
    Adriana: Is this because I wouldn't do anal?
    Bolton: Security's here, you'll be leaving now.
    Adriana: I'm signing those papers.
    Bolton: We won't need your signature
    Adriana: I'll bet what you hated the most was that they identified me as a property owner, which I am. You better lawyer up, asshole, because I'm not just coming back for an apartment, I'm coming back for everything.

  9. Guss says:

    Stay on standard time year round. Go back to WWII when the scheme started. Before the DST bit started we had no problems. I was in 1st grade in 1940. Not a problem for school kids then. Did not affect factories; they were working around the clock anyway, lots of them worked 12 hour shifts and longer. We are just a bunch of cry babies now compared to then.

  10. 2_Small_2_Bail says:

    I'm still out there having "physically intimate" relationships with tonnes of babes every single day. The stance in this lawsuit is 100% precedent setting so all other broads with these ideas know what they're up against if they're looking for a big post-coital payout. I'm marrying the other one because I lost my head and banged her one too many times for a slightly longer time period than I should have…aka she could have some common law claims unless I get her to sign an iron-clad pre-nup…which I have to marry her to get her to do. Pimpin' ain't easy.
    -G. Soros

  11. Oscar P says:

    Soros has very little to lose here; He seems virile and a "playa". She seems like a common whore.

  12. Oscar P says:

    I don't see how he owes her anything. I cannot imagine she wasn't paid for her services the five years she was with him. Note to William Zabel: Why don't you check the credit card statements in her name (that were going to George's office) during the five years they were together? I bet the money spent on George's credit cards doesn't match up her income. Do I hear Tax Fraud? Do I hear IRS investigation?
    Sheesh – this should be easy to settle.

  13. Guest says:

    Good to see you've gotten on the mouse-over bandwagon, Bess.

    — ML Fan Club

  14. HighFrequencyHater says:

    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas? Don't really know how to balance the novelty of an 80 year old womanizer and the fact that I don't need to pay women to have sex with me.

  15. Rav says:

    Her names "Tamiko", not Tamikoa. Decent article otherwise, though

    – UBS Desktop Presentations Team

    (What, you didn't think we proofread as well?)