How Many Portraits of Prince Alwaleed Grace Prince Alwaleed’s Office?

[Twitter via BI]
Only two are visible in this photo he tweeted of himself and Prince Charles but presumably the gold thing behind the couch is an oil painting of his HRH and one would hope that if the cameraman zoomed out, we would see glossy 8X10’s of this, this, this, and this. And maybe a huge version of this, on the wall behind his desk.

(hidden for your protection)
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21 Responses to “How Many Portraits of Prince Alwaleed Grace Prince Alwaleed’s Office?”

  1. VonSloneker says:

    That room is so 80s, I'd expect if the photographer zoomed out that'd be a Nagel behind them rather than a portrait of HRH.

    – Guy who may have had a Nagel in college

  2. Tobias Funke says:

    If ya got it, flaunt it.

  3. Guest says:

    Reminds me of a funeral parlor.

  4. Mitch says:

    Is he wearing sunglasses in the oil painting?

  5. Leo Spaceman, MD says:

    While it would be crazy to make a mental illness diagnosis from a single picture, I'm guessing:

    • PermaGuestII says:

      Holy shit- there are even the same number of sunflowers in the two flower arrangements– in mirror-image locations.

    • Madison Ave says:

      I think that the ad for All Detergent was a better fit for that page than the Ultimate Penny $tock ad is here, but maybe I'm giving us all too much credit.

  6. qwestion says:

    Where is his miniature giraffe?

  7. Forgie McForger says:

    I can't be the only one who thinks his head looks photoshopped.

  8. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    The oil portrait is of me… bound and gaged in saffron robes.


  9. Bandersnatch says:

    So long as Prince Alwaleed invests for the Arabs, so long will they be a little people, a silly people – greedy, poorly dressed, and with low ROIs.

  10. WTF__k says:

    It's probably just me, but HRH looks quite a lot like the Wicked Witch of the West when dressed & posed like that.

  11. Quant me maybe... says:

    Total fag. There. Someone finally said it.

  12. Guest says:

    So that's what happened to Father Guido Sarducci after he explained it all to us.

  13. Pinnapple says:

    Why do guys from Saudi Arabia wear picnic baskets on their heads?

  14. duped says:

    When I was an undergraduate, this photo is what I imagined investment banking would be like…..

  15. Guest says:

    Looks like a queer to me.

    — WTI Trader