Write-Offs: 03.01.13

$$$ Here’s Warren Buffett’s shareholder letter [BRK/A]

$$$ JPMorgan No. 1 Investment Bank Amid a Flurry of New Deals [Bloomberg]

$$$ Goldman Sachs trims risk-taking to lowest level in 7 years [Reuters]

$$$ Look Out, Wall Street: The Goldman Sachs Partners Ball Is Back [DI]

$$$ Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s severance: $378.36 [CNN]

$$$ An investment bank is looking for a head of investment advisory compliance in New York [DBCC]

$$$ SecondMarket to Launch Student-Loan Securities Platform [WSJ]

$$$ Give us a formula, Argentina [FTAV]

$$$ MBIA flags ‘going concern’ doubts, liquidation risk for unit [Reuters]

$$$ New York Men Looking for Sequester Sex on Craigslist [DI]

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