Write-Offs: 03.22.13

$$$ Inside a Star Hedge Fund: Lots of Big Bets, Built Fast [WSJ]

$$$ Fed pushes banks to ignore rivals when setting bonuses [Reuters]

$$$ JPMorgan Board Backs CEO Dimon as Chairman, Pays Zames More [Bloomberg]

$$$ The Senate Drafts the SEC’s Case Against JPMorgan [BBW]

$$$ “A J.P. Morgan Chase employee climbed onstage at a black-tie dinner held on Wall Street Thursday night and accepted an award on behalf of the embattled bank for ‘best crisis management.’ … Kathy Hu, an executive director in J.P. Morgan’s investor relations department, accepted the award and quipped: ‘Can I just say, “Crisis? What crisis?”‘ J.P. Morgan beat out nominees Chevron Corp., which struggled with a refinery fire last year, and St. Jude Medical Inc., which battled heart-device problems.” [Deal Journal]

$$$ Pope calls Argentine kiosk owner to cancel paper delivery [CNA]

$$$ Hey, Let Harvard Alumni Have Their Fun This Morning [DI]

$$$ Deutsche Bank mulls raising fixed pay to counter EU bonus rules [Reuters]

$$$ Judges’ Spat Strikes a Chord Among Deal Makers [DealBook]

$$$ “Now some distressed debt investors get to find out what exactly it is you buy when you buy American-issued debt in a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands and doing business in China. I suspect the answer will be ‘not much.'” [DealBook]

$$$ “Henry Blodget is, in all seriousness, an artist of the internet whose methods should be studied and analyzed for future generations.” [Gawker]

$$$ “Finally I should note that the rectal gonorrhoea is the reason for my odour.” Investment research! [Bronte Capital]