Write-Offs: 03.25.13

$$$ Dell Founder Said to Weigh Switching to Blackstone Offer [DealBook]

$$$ Mortgage Securitizers Didn’t Know Housing Was Going Bust [WSJ]

$$$ The case for Cypriot national equity [FTAV]

$$$ BRICS Nations Plan New Bank to Bypass World Bank, IMF [Bloomberg]

$$$ “Nestled in the shadow of the picturesque southern mountain range Macgillycuddy’s Reeks, home to Ireland’s three highest peaks, Kilgarvan is little more than a blink-and-you-miss-it blip on the busy road between the tourist towns of Killarney and Kenmare,” but now you can drive drunk there [NYT]

$$$ Sorry for today’s technical difficulties. We expect things will be better tomorrow. If they’re not, we’ll probably be at Dealbroken, so check there too.

$$$ Dudley gives first hints of slowing QE3 [FT]

$$$ Bernanke Rejects Currency War Charges [WSJ]

$$$ “Perhaps if we paid more money we’d have skilled associates.” Instead you have bill padding. [DealBook]

$$$ Tesla’s Elon Musk tweets about big announcement for Thursday [CNET]

$$$ “Hiring Richard Fuld is potentially so hazardous, he requires his own risk factor.” [Overheard]

$$$ The Most Expensive T-Shirt in New York City Costs $91,500.00 [The Awl]

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6 Responses to “Write-Offs: 03.25.13”

  1. Fewdollarsmore says:

    While American capitalists are fighting over the Dell meat and Europe is patching the latest euro hole, BRICS are coming up with a new bank to bypass the miseries of the developed world. Get the picture of the future?

    • pussy riot says:

      Brazil, India, China and Russia working together? This should work beautifully!! THese countries' commitment to cooperation, openness and fair dealing virtually guarantee success.

  2. .Bo says:

    Imagine the hilarity if bankers billed hourly.

    • DB Hourly Billing says:

      1.25: Detailed reading of Matt post to see if at all relevant to client matters
      1.0: Searching Dealbreaker for any posts tagged with client's name
      8.0: Reading all such posts

    • quant me maybe... says:

      Imaging the shock if they were paid hourly. Pay would go way up. Most work 70+ hours/week deliver huge value and with no appreciation for the complexity and discipline it takes to do their jobs right every time.

      Guy not buying into the overpaid banker theory.