Write-Offs: 03.26.13

$$$ Instead Of Doing His Job, Jeroen Dijsselbloem Has Given Us A Glimpse Of The Euro ‘End Game’ [BI]

$$$ Paul Krugman thinks Cyprus should leave the Euro [NYT]

$$$ RBS Split Not Ruled Out [WSJ]

$$$ “Big Bank CEOs Must Rally Against Breakup Talk” [AB]

$$$ “Texas, the Germany of America.” [WaPo]

$$$ Aspiring Model Scores State-Funded Boob Job After Convincing Doctor Her Flat Chest Was Causing Her ‘Emotional Distress’ [Gawker]

$$$ Global pool of triple A status shrinks 60% [FT]

$$$ Denmark Reviews Bail-In Law as ‘Terrorists’ Shape Banking [Bloomberg]

$$$ Two Charged in Insider-Trading Case [WSJ]

$$$ How the ‘London Whale’ trade could have been stopped [RWC&G]

$$$ Ranking All 27 Seasons of The Real World [Vulture]

$$$ Trump loses fight against wind farm [FT]

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