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Fabrice Tourre Will Beat These Financial Crisis Charges, Just Like He Beat The Fightin’ Friedmans

(Before a season-ending injury that might’ve strained his tendons but never broke his spirit!)

Since he first emerged three years ago as the Goldman Sachs Group employee at the center of one of the most bruising regulatory battles in the firm’s history, Mr. Tourre has settled into the cloistered world of academia. He is pursuing a doctorate in economics at the University of Chicago and working as a teaching assistant. Mr. Tourre was even captain of his indoor intramural soccer team, the Bootstrappers. The squad went undefeated until an Achilles tendon injury in January sidelined Mr. Tourre for the season. That didn’t deter him from attending Sunday morning games, via crutches, to cheer on his teammates…He is also the last man standing in one of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s biggest postfinancial-crisis enforcement cases. Goldman in July 2010 agreed to pay $550 million to settle the SEC’s complaint, without admitting or denying the allegations. The firm acknowledged its marketing materials on Abacus “contained incomplete information” by not disclosing Paulson’s role in the deal. Mr. Tourre refused to settle and continues his legal fight to clear his name. A trial is slated to begin in July…Mr. Tourre was voted most valuable player in some Bootstrapper games until his injury.

From ‘Fabulous Fab’ to Grad Student [WSJ]

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9 Responses to “Fabrice Tourre Will Beat These Financial Crisis Charges, Just Like He Beat The Fightin’ Friedmans”

  1. Alt_EST says:

    I used to be an Executive Director, but then I took a multi-million dollar personal lawsuit to the face.


  2. Guest says:

    I used to be French, then I decided to fight the charges.

  3. guest says:


  4. Guest says:

    GS VP -> MVP of the "Bootstrappers"………………………………..WINNING!

  5. VonSloneker says:

    MVP? Would you consider playing for Cote d'Ivoire?

    – Yaya & Kolo Toure

  6. Breaking News says:

    I've been led to believe that prior to his injury Mr. Tourre accepted a wager that the Bootstrappers would win the final game of the season, while failing to disclose that he had made an offsetting bet and in fact was himself interested in a final game loss.

    This all prior to the injury of his Achilles Heel. SEC.. Any comments?