Steve Cohen Wants To See A 379.16% Return On Manhattan Penthouse

As you all well know, Steve Cohen has been on a bit of a shopping spree lately. And while the SAC Capital founder is a fairly wealthy man and can buy most if not all of what his heart desires, it never hurts to have a little extra cash on hand (one never knows when an impulse purchase will present itself). That’s where you come in.

Cohen has put his One Beacon Court apartment on the market and has set the asking price for the place– purchased in 2005 for $24 million– at $115 mill. While the Observer notes that the East 58th Street duplex is a hike from Central Park and comes with no outdoor space of its own, it does include 9,000 square feet and servant’s quarters that you could easily dump a few gallons of sand in, throw up a couple of faux palm trees, and have yourself a nice little beach scene. Most importantly, you’d be doing the Big Guy a solid in his time of need. When he buys the Louvre you can say you helped make it happen. Act fast and he’ll probably throw in the life-size bobblehead and a couple of random chargers to video cameras and first generation Apple products.

The Rumors Are True: Steve Cohen Lists $115 M. One Beacon Court Penthouse [NYO]

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34 Responses to “Steve Cohen Wants To See A 379.16% Return On Manhattan Penthouse”

  1. Hindsight Guest says:

    20% annualised – should have put the dough in his own fund.

  2. Icelandic Banker says:

    Just out of curiosity… what are the common charges, and can they be paid by bitcoins?

  3. Icelandic Banker says:

    $115 mill 2013 is only about $35 of my 2005 bitcoins collection.

  4. PermaGuestII says:

    I'm sure it's some piece of priceless modern art but… what the fuck with the creepy life-sized bobblehead doll on the end table?

  5. Guest says:

    I thought that the entire point of having $115M to your name was so that you could leave NYC for somewhere with sun, heat, and privacy, and never come back again unless you absolutely wanted to.

  6. NakedShort says:

    I would have been very interested if he would have thrown in a couple of Rollies for the kitchen.

  7. Icelandic Banker says:

    Just out of curiosity… what are the common charges, and can they be paid by bitcoins?

  8. Hobbes says:

    Seems reasonable.

    – S&P Housing Analyst

  9. Cteve Sohen says:

    Dudes really trying to impress Bess.

  10. Guest? says:



  11. Fewdollarsmore says:

    He would have sold it earlier but it took Steve Cohen some time to get Martoma to vacate the servant quarters.

  12. Damien Hirst says:

    I have a business proposition for anyone here with a cool $115MM. I'll make it watertight, fill it with formaldehyde solution, float a dead SEC agent in it and we'll sell it back to him for $175MM.

  13. Puck It says:

    Y'know, Steve-o, you don't have to post your own cash necessarily. There are bail bondsmen who will lend against your real estate. Just sayin'.

  14. Guest says:

    But where do you keep the sausage?

  15. bernie says:

    Perhaps, Steve should keep the place just in case. He might even sleep there, in order not get busted in front of his kids.

  16. guest says:

    He bought the beach house, so he could use the sand. Now he's selling his old Hampton house and now this to build up a cash pile to bury on the beach for when he's in jail.

  17. travis says:

    Sounds like a bargain to me

    -John Paulson