Warren Buffett Tells Coke CEO To Stay Hungry

Sure, every interview with the Berkshire Hathaway CEO since the dawn of time has noted his sippage of Cherry Coke (whether he knows it or not), but that may not always be the case. You want to keep him as a customer, you gotta work for it.

Warren Buffett, who controls the largest stake in Coca-Cola Co., told the chief executive officer of the soft-drink maker to stay ahead of competitors by reviewing what made other businesses falter. “I like to study failure,” Buffett told Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent at the Atlanta-based company’s annual meeting today. “We want to see what has caused businesses to go bad, and the biggest thing that kills them is complacency. You want a restlessness, a feeling that somebody’s always after you, but you’re going to stay ahead.”


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One Response to “Warren Buffett Tells Coke CEO To Stay Hungry”

  1. Guest says:

    The strategy of selling drinks laden with high fructose corn syrup, food coloring and caffeine to fatass Americans who wolf down triple whoppers like candy appears like it will work for a while longer.