Who Said It: “For many women, the act of a bowel movement is enshrouded in fear and anxiety.”

A) Sigmund Freud

B) Sheryl Sandberg

C) Charlie Gasparino

D) Jamie Dimon’s daughter

Congratulations to those of you who answered D, Jamie Dimon’s daughter Laura, as part of a (multi-part?) investigative report for The Daily Beast. We can see where you might have thought A, B, or C, but no, D was the answer we were looking for here.

The Last Office Taboo for Women: Doing Your Business at Work [The Daily Beast via BI]

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36 Responses to “Who Said It: “For many women, the act of a bowel movement is enshrouded in fear and anxiety.””

  1. InfiniteGuest says:

    Shit just got real.

  2. Shazar Insider says:

    Matt Levine to Shazar after the first bowel movement of the day.

  3. JaDi says:

    Daddy is so proud!

  4. Danker_Banker says:

    I recommend grabbing a copy of the WSJ and telling your office mates you're going to go stock the pond with brown trout.

  5. SellTheBorrow says:

    Office duke is easily one of the things I look forward to most everyday. However, I'll admit I get uncomfortable when my admin is away from her desk too long. Its hard to look her in the eyes for the rest of the day.

    -Guy who believes some things should have double standards.

  6. PermaGuestII says:

    File under: "Things women think men actually notice, when in reality they neither know nor care."*

    *Germans excepted.

  7. Todd says:

    By the way it was also Ina Drew's "alibi" when she testified in Congress about missing 7bln. trading loss.
    On my floor in downtown office we have 800 males sharing two tiny bathrooms with three shit slots and 4 urinals. 2 ladies have practially private bathrooms to themselves, which are also bigger because it has vending area to dispense sanitary napkins. Another reason to push for more diverse work force.

    – Diversity Outreach Specialist

  8. Big Teps says:

    Girls don't poop

  9. B.M. says:

    I found this article quite moving.

  10. VonSloneker says:

    I HMD all the time. That is to say, "Hold My Dumps."

    – Nell D.

  11. Soros says:

    I potty in my girlfriend's sink so she doesn't hear my weak stream hitting the toilet water.

  12. lucas says:

    Sheryl Sandberg take note: this is the perfect topic for "Lean In 2: I'm a Woman, Hear Me Fart!"

  13. Deleveraging says:

    Women may consider taking a dump at the office taboo; but they are notorious crop dusters

  14. Bejujular says:

    Next up is an expose on queefing?

  15. zoroz says:

    "going to sink the Titanic" "dropped the kids off at the pool" etc. also acceptable cover-ups

  16. Guest says:

    How long before each female new hire is assigned a poop mentor?

  17. Guest says:

    Pay attention women. This is interview #57 for women that apply to GS

  18. Guest says:

    Girlfriend farted on me this weekend, so I shit on her chest.

  19. NOW says:

    This is a problem that can only be solved by a women's organization with a clever acronym. Women Enjoying Excrement Publicly (WEEP)?

  20. J. Swift says:

    But Celia, Celia, Celia shits!

  21. Fartpolio Manager says:

    [youtube ycpEzSqYBGA youtube]

  22. Guest says:

    Bess, feel free to chime in any time.

    What do you tell Matt and Shaz when you need to lay a little cable?

  23. guest says:

    the is a #2 / second wave feminism joke here that I am not clever enough to write

  24. Guest says:

    i'll take j dimon's daughter any day <3 is it wrong if i read the article quickly and thought it said "Doing Your Woman at Work"?