Anybody Else Wanna Underestimate Prince Alwaleed’s Net Worth? That’s What He Thought

Prince Alwaleed, owner of London’s Savoy hotel, said in March that he would sever ties with [Forbes] after its annual rich list valued him at $20bn, not enough to place him in the coveted top 10. Despite being pronounced the richest man in the Arab world, Prince Alwaleed accused Forbes of “intentional biases and inconsistencies” and insisted his real value was nearly $30bn. He has now filed a defamation claim in London’s High Court against Forbes‘s publisher, its editor, Randall Lane, and two of its journalists. Forbes said it stood by its story. [Telgraph]

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16 Responses to “Anybody Else Wanna Underestimate Prince Alwaleed’s Net Worth? That’s What He Thought”

  1. Guest says:

    Who wants a mustache ride!

    – P. Alwaleed

  2. Guest says:

    Nothing says 'small penis' like suing Forbes over your net worth being only $20bill

  3. berkshire says:

    As if his net worth is anything but the accumulation of oil revenue offset by stock market losses. These clowns make ego investments that aren't likely to impress Warren Buffett. And on that note, this clown wasn't smart enough to leave the investment analysis to Buffett. If he had, his net worth would be growing.

  4. Guest says:

    What a douche.

  5. Danker_Banker says:

    Forbes did however rank the mole on his face as the world's wealthiest facial feature, with a net worth of $1.2 billion, just eclipsing Warren Buffet's nose hair.

  6. Is this day over yet says:

    That photo is actually a photo of the prince looking at THAT exact photo…. which hangs in his office. HIS OFFICE is actually a room with walls sculped into the exact shape of his face, with a large circular brown ottomon in the far left corner of the room, right where his chin should be. Its very difficult to find furniture to fit in its exact contours…but there is plenty of wall space… to hang photos…..of himself.

  7. Guest says:

    I swear that mole gets bigger every time I see it.

  8. Guest says:

    The glasses say "I'm going to rape you" but the moustache says… well I guess it says the same thing.

  9. snorfy says:

    that is not how Saudi's do business

  10. John Thain says:

    My office was better………

  11. Guest says:

    So in order for this suit to be successful, he will have to prove his net worth is above $20B. Guess this suit will be dropped in a week when he actually looks at his investment portfolio.