Ed Butowsky And SAC Capital: A Love Story, In His Own Words

May 22, 2013: “I’m thinking about putting more money with him,” said Ed Butowsky, managing director at Chapwood Capital Investment Management, who manages $1 billion in client money. The Dallas-based adviser did not say how much his wealthy clients have invested with Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors, but said the figure tallies into the tens of millions. “Stevie Cohen is the Michael Jordan of hedge fund managers,” Butowsky said, comparing the billionaire trader’s success in the markets to the feats of the legendary professional basketball star. “I’d be a fool to take out money.”

June 12, 2013: The very thought that people want to trash Stevie Cohen, who is one of the great legends in portfolio management, because of some allegations, shame on them,” Butowsky said. “If it was me and I had to live through this stuff the last three years, I would tell everybody to go jump off a boat.”

July 24, 2013: Ed Butowsky, managing director at Chapwood Capital Investment Management, which has several million dollars invested with SAC Capital, said: “I don’t believe that criminal charges against the firm would impact Steve Cohen’s traders and their ability to make money.”

July 25, 2013: “Right now you have allegations. We’ve seen allegations and complaints many times that seem horrific and unbelievable only to find later there’s no support for it,” said Ed Butowsky, managing director at Dallas-based Chapwood Investments LLP, which invests money for wealthy individuals. Butowsky said he has had client funds in SAC for several years. Butowsky said he does not put his clients’ money with managers lightly, and would revisit his decision to invest with SAC “if something material develops that is going to impact their ability to do their job.”

All you other fair weather investors can take your traditional definitions of the word ‘material’ straight to hell. Ed’s settled in for the long haul.

Why Two Investors Are Sticking With SAC Capital [WSJ]

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28 Responses to “Ed Butowsky And SAC Capital: A Love Story, In His Own Words”

  1. Guest says:

    So Stevie is Walter, Ed is "the Dude", and right now Stevie is telling Ed, "nothing's fucked"

  2. Guestgate says:

    Cohen is a fucking parasite who pushes money around with the aid of illegal information while making billions. He creates nothing. Lock this worthless crook up. It's time for America to wake up. Europe already has. Bankers are on par with a seedy used car salesman and barristers. Wake up America stop glamorizing these pieces of shit.

  3. ozone pawk says:

    i had stevie's back. then i saw that he was boys with bo dietl.

  4. Put_Option says:

    Stevie Cohen is a friend of mine

  5. Guest says:

    Guy is a PR genius,
    I would imagine his clients are going to be thrilled with him when there money is locked up in the SAC liquidation trust being administered by Kenneth Feinberg.

  6. guest says:

    Who the fuck is Ed Butowsky?

    – Stevie C.