Dan Loeb’s Latest Message For Bill Ackman Blissfully Carl-Icahn-As-Enema-Administrator Free

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14 Responses to “Dan Loeb’s Latest Message For Bill Ackman Blissfully Carl-Icahn-As-Enema-Administrator Free”

  1. Tom Hobbes says:

    This is either fake,,or has been changed. DL does not have any 'header' on his bloomberg message page. Looking at it now.

    • guest says:

      OR: he changed it after the press picked up on it, just like he did after his last message to Bill Ackman?

      Thinking is tough, I know.

    • agreatdaytothink says:

      The reply either faked,, or has been changed. There is no Tom Hobbes or Thomas Hobbes in bbg. Looking at it now.

  2. Tom Hobbes says:

    When you send a bloomberg message, the recipient shows up on the "To" line which is hidden or missing from this image. The recipient's message and phone number would appear as this image suggests. Only, here, the "To" line is missing and Dan Loeb appears as the "BCC" recipient. The outgoing message would be attributed to the principal recipient. Under the 99) Options header (on the red line) you can change the appearance of the "CC" and "BCC" fields/rows but the "To" line can not be de-selected. This might well be photo shop work.

    Alternatively, there is a way to suppress the "To" field and DL changed his outgoing message within minutes of DB's story. Perhaps but I'm not buying it.

    • Im_a_Dude says:

      No, I wont stay online and take a short survey of your performance because I didn't call the helpline!

    • Conspiracy Theory says:

      If you look at the ZH reference you will see the story originally ran on 8/10 so he had plenty of time to change it. MSGE<GO> type in a name in "BCC" then you will be able to deselect the "TO" and "CC" lines.

      You are trying to make an conspiracy out of nothing

  3. Tom Hobbes says:

    I stand corrected. You can do MSG9 and suppress the "To" field. It's possible that DL changed it.

    • guest says:

      I love how much time you've spent investigating this matter, and also that you're still only saying it's "possible" (but not for sure!) that DL changed it.

      • Tom Hobbes says:

        I did spend about 10 minutes on this. It's sad, I agree. Was a slow morning. Then again, if I'm on deal breaker, it's a slow day.

        My gut was that DL would not stoke the fire and it seemed like an easy set up. All things considered, possible = probable.


        Posting on DB is a bit like having a crumpet or strumpet. Seems like a good idea ex ante and is always regrettable after.

  4. Dan Loeb says:

    @Tom Hobbes

    Now go get your shine box.

  5. quant me maybe ... says:

    I'm pretty sure that if I were Dan Loeb, the only thing I'd be doing on my Bloomberg terminal is my secretary.

    Guy who is pretty sure he has 'people' who do that shit.