Jeffrey Gundlach Pretty Sure There’ll Be No Taper On Ben Bernanke’s Watch

A regional Fed bank president and a man of many enthusiasms suggest that there will be no taper in your trick-or-treat bag or under your Christmas tree.

“We’re not on a pre-set course,” Charles Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago told reporters on the sidelines of a monetary policy conference in Oslo. He said the Fed’s decision to start reducing its $85 billion in monthly bond purchases “could be in October, it could be in December, but it also could be at the January meeting.”

Jeffrey Gundlach, manager of the top-performing DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund, said the U.S. Federal Reserve won’t reduce its monthly asset purchases, known as quantitative easing, until a new chairman takes over at the central bank at the end of January….

“It’s hard to believe the data will have such a monumental change in the next couple of weeks,” said Gundlach, chief executive officer and chief investment officer of Los Angeles-based DoubleLine Capital LP.

Fed May Not Start Taper Until January [WSJ Real Time Economics blog]
Gundlach Sees No Fed Tapering Until New Chairman Starts [Bloomberg]

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3 Responses to “Jeffrey Gundlach Pretty Sure There’ll Be No Taper On Ben Bernanke’s Watch”

  1. UBS Porno Quant says:

    Gundlach must have pornos of Bernanke on his hard drive.

    • thebookstar1 says:

      Why is it that every time Gundlach opens his mouth the fed rips him a new one in the opposite direction and he predicted? Look at June and Gundlach's amazing prediction that the yield on the 10 year treasury bill would NOT rise above 2.5 %? within 24 hours of his prediction the fed chattered rates to 2.7%. Gundlach should know by now, predicting where anything goes in the bond and stock market is a only as good as your last prediction. In Gundlach's case, he was right about Apple falling from 707 to 450, but he was wrong on Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) being "THE PERFECT SHORT AT 380. Today CMG printed 429 and continues to go higher. So Gundlach has blown this call by 49 points and counting. Gundlach was right on Apple bouncing to 500 but he was wrong on NLY/Anally Mtg. being a great buy at 13 about a month ago. It continued to drop down into the low 10s and high 9s. And, continues to under perform pretty much everything along with the other REITS out there. Gundlach recently said that he would still short Chipotle / CMG but woundn't do so unless is supstantially moved to the downside out of the upward trend chart pattern. This is NOT the kind of talk you want to hear from a professional. Basing your predictions on which way a stock previously moved or is dropping into is not a reason to short something. Jeff Gundlach continues to demonstrate his "inability" to "consistently" pick "accurate" direction moves for stocks, stock indices and bonds. He has now shown us what he's got and to date, I give Mr. Gundlach a C+ / D- on a scale of A -F. I will continue to post on future boards with a cumulative track record for Mr. Gundlach and others. It our view that supposed professional traders and money managers need to be held accountable on a continued bases.