Layoffs Watch ’13: Bank of America

The House of Moynihan has had to cut ties with some of its own.

From the front lines:

Cuts going down (yes, again) on the Equity trading floor at BAML. Electronic, sales & trading. This at least their third or fourth round of cuts this year. Related, earlier this year they asked for volunteers to raise their hand to be laid off and too many did so they had to hire a bunch of people back.

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12 Responses to “Layoffs Watch ’13: Bank of America”

  1. Guest says:

    Getting laid off from BAML is like that moment when the abused wife finally moves out of the trailer.

    • segoviacobain says:

      This calls to mind my favorite hillbilly joke:

      What does a redneck girl say after sex?

      "Get off me Daddy, yer crushin' my Marlboros."

  2. TypesofBankSnakes says:

    BOA constrictor

  3. Needmorecharts says:

    Bring back Matt

  4. UBS HR says:

    Tch tch … BofA needs to do a much better job with layoffs.

  5. guest says:

    They hired people on the international side because they cut it too hard and clients complained about service. Their international biz will never be the same again

  6. guest says:

    The endless layoffs at BoA have made it THE worst employer in the U.S. One needs a pair of eyes at the back of your head (back-stabbers aplenty at OBP) to work. Lay-offs have also become a vendetta tool in the hands of power-crazy group heads. Long live North Carolina National Bank….