Steve Cohen Not The Only One Sick Of His Ex-Wife

Those of you who’ve kept a detailed spreadsheet of Things That Are Pains In Steve Cohen’s Ass know that a particularly hide-chapping outstanding item is that of his ex-wife, Patricia. Her existence in general, sure, but specifically the lawsuit she filed against him nearly four years ago. Over the years, the case has been dismissed and the case has been reinstated; Patty has replaced one lawyer, and another, and settled on a third; and the former Mrs. Cohen has gone from asking for $300 million to half of SAC to a measly $8.25 million. The one thing that hasn’t changed? Her desire to nail her ex-husband to the wall. And while she seems to have vowed to never, ever give up in her quest to do so, one member of the bench has decreed she’s got one final shot at settling this the legal way and then must resign herself to getting back at her ex by sticking pins in her Stevie doll.

Patricia Cohen, the ex-wife of SAC Capital Advisors founder Steven Cohen, was given a final chance to revise a suit claiming her former husband ran his hedge fund as a racketeering enterprise. A judge Thursday granted a request by lawyers for Patricia Cohen to amend the suit for a third time, to add a claim against Steven Cohen’s brother, an accountant who is a defendant in the case, and to fix a paragraph in the complaint that refers to the court’s jurisdiction. “The world is going to end someday and my job is to make sure this case ends before that day comes,” U.S. District Judge William Pauley said in a hearing Thursday in Manhattan. “No further amendments will be permitted in this court.”

Ex-wife of SAC Capital’s Cohen gets last chance to revise suit [Bloomberg]

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10 Responses to “Steve Cohen Not The Only One Sick Of His Ex-Wife”

  1. Guest says:

    Seems like he can settle at this point without being fleeced.

  2. P. Jiang says:

    I see what you did there.

  3. The Sword says:

    Settling Government Criminal and Civil Charges: $1 Billion
    Buying Uber Pop Art from Future Famous Artist: $5 Million
    Ice Rink Maintenance per Year: $600,000

    Driving Ex-Wife Up the Fucking Wall By Continuing to Fuck with Her Lawsuit: Priceless!!!!

  4. Alexander says:

    Really handsome guy there!

  5. Aiden says:

    All right, this is a bitter truth though! But it seems like Cohen is able to settle at this point of his life without being cheated. Wishing him all the best :)

  6. Just pay some dough and be done with it! I would go crazy with the alimony being discussed for years, not just the loss of the cash.

  7. Linda says:

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  8. Richard says:

    damn that guy had a bad time of it..