Tim Geithner Wondering If This Thing Is On

For the last number of years, even as he was still working at Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner made no bones about the fact that for him, working in Washington was like a prison sentence with no hope of parole. Time and time again he asked to bet set free and time and time again he was told no, he wasn’t allowed to go home just yet. So when he finally busted out of there this summer, it was obvious to anyone who’d watched him attempt to scale the walls of the city numerous times in the past that he did not intend to return, not as a government employee and maybe not even as a guest, not even for a Ben’s Chili Bowl. And yet for some reason, people will not stop asking him when he plans to come back (answer: never) and then refusing to believe him.

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is still not interested in being the next head the Federal Reserve, a source familiar with his thinking said on Sunday, after front-runner Lawrence Summers withdrew his name from consideration. The source, who declined to be identified, said Geithner remains firm in the view that he expressed back in January, when he stepped down from his post at Treasury, that the next Fed chair will be “someone else’s privilege.”

Geithner is a close Obama confident who has been persistently talked about by Fed watchers as a candidate to replace Ben Bernanke, the U.S. central bank’s current chief, when his term expires in January. This speculation has refused to die, despite Geithner’s public comment to the contrary, and the fact that he is writing a book about his time in office.

Christ people, how else can he make himself clear? Do you think if planned to go back he’d have gone to the trouble of changing his Maryland license and registering his vehicles in New York state? In what way can he put it so you’ll understand? He is one reporter away from stating on the record that he wouldn’t take another job in Washington if it were “growing out of [his] ass.” Jesus! It’s not happening!

Tim Geithner Still Not Interested In Fed Chair Position [Reuters]

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5 Responses to “Tim Geithner Wondering If This Thing Is On”

  1. Lowly Assistant says:

    He looks so regal with that fivehead.

  2. guest says:

    "Jesus! It’s not happening!"

    prom night flashback, prom night flashback!!

    – guest who peaked later in life

  3. Timmy says:

    [Calling the publisher:] "I've got a new chapter I want to throw into the book before we hit the press." "Oh, it's about my persistent ongoing rug abuse."

  4. klhoughton says:

    " He is one reporter away from stating on the record that he wouldn’t take another job in Washington if it were “growing out of [his] ass.” Jesus! It’s not happening!"

    Initial Reaction: Thank G-d. Given the damage he did the last time he went to DC, we couldn't take another round.

    Second Thought: Oh, sh*t. Given how badly he f*ck*d up when he was "running" the NY Fed (into the ground), do we have to deal with him? Can't he be DC's problem?

    The only reasonable solution is to send him to the Netherlands.

  5. Private Sector says:

    …still looks like a weasel