Banking To Get ‘Boring,’ Less ‘Rock Star’-ish

Banking will no longer simply be full of small indignities: It will also be a crushing bore and less remunerative, to boot. Take it away, Bill Michael:

“Banking will become dull, and dull will be the new good. Bankers will no longer be the rock stars of the commercial world and banking will become staid and adrenaline-free.

“As global banks reconfigure and become more country focused, stable returns will be demanded by investors. Volatile earnings will signal that a bank hasn’t finished adapting.

“The ‘dullness’ of banks will drive culture and behaviour, not the other way around.”

KPMG: ‘Banks’ Dullness Will Drive Culture’ [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]
Goldman Sachs Compensation Ratio Drops [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]

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8 Responses to “Banking To Get ‘Boring,’ Less ‘Rock Star’-ish”

  1. Your BFF's Brah says:

    So banking is to become more "Jon Shazar"?

  2. Oxon says:

    So boring is the new sexy?

  3. Jay Z's Accountant says:

    So making money, clubbing and houses in the Hamptons are going to be dead as Disco?

  4. captainned says:

    As a bank regulator, this is my fondest wish. Bankers getting "creative" make my head hurt.

  5. Ruck You says:

    Wait, my job is currently exciting and rockstar-like?

    -Everyone in finance other than the huge douches who think their jobs in finance are exciting and rockstar-like.

  6. Funkin GoNuts says:

    It's been boring for a few years now. Glad I got in decades ago when things were still fun around here in finance.