Caption Contest Tuesday

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34 Responses to “Caption Contest Tuesday”

  1. bbb says:

    first one to the light house wins!

  2. ILoveLamp says:

    "Billy's Big Adventure"

  3. D. Loeb says:

    Watch my bloomberg profile later for the winning comment. Closest entry gets a years sub to herbalife gold package.

  4. J. Shazar says:

    "Bill Ackman taking a Citibike for a spin last week at a Park Avenue Armory gala. [NYSD]"

    what do I win?

  5. A Jerk says:

    Citibike? I've been calling it Citibank! Why didn't anyone tell me? Oh I've been making an idiot out of myself

    -not that related, but I watched it last night and it's still in my head.

  6. bill ackman says:

    the only thing weighing me down more than my $HLF short is this heavy ass poor person bike.

  7. guest says:

    I've been trying to find a place to park this thing for like, 3 hours.

  8. HotKarl says:

    Is there a bike rack in front of Minetta's? I plan to slay mad poon tonight.

  9. zoroz says:

    "Are these bikes supposed to have seats?"

  10. Mexi_Cant says:

    Was this part of the negotiations when picking Citibank to sell his JCP shares?

  11. Oregon Trail says:

    Looks like Ackman and all fellow shorters are circling the wagons on their HLF bet….

  12. Bills Inner Child says:

    Does anyone have a deck of cards? Gonna make this thing sound like a motorcycle, its awesome.

  13. Titney Wilson says:

    My Citibike still has training wheels….


  14. Guest says:

    Bill Ackman find yet another thing to take downhill

  15. Home Erectus says:

    It would be fitting if he gets hit by a bus with an Herbalife ad on it

  16. C. Icahn says:

    Why don't you try out that bike outdoors, Bill? Where the real men ride.

  17. Guest says:

    Would he still be smiling if there were a bike seat?

  18. Shaz's beard says:

    There's room for 2 on this hog Shazzy

  19. Faces of Meth says:

    Shazar, shazar, shazar, shazar, fuck'n, shazar, chameleon,Shazar, shazar, shazar, shazar, fuck'n, shazar, chameleon, Shazar, shazar, shazar, shazar, fuck'n, shazar, chameleon, Shazar, shazar, shazar, shazar, fuck'n, shazar, chameleon. You come and go, you come and go
    Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream
    Red gold and green, red gold and green
    You come and go, you come and go
    Yeah thumbs up yeah thumbs up

  20. Larb says:

    Hey Ackman, why don't you cry about it?

  21. Yardy says:

    On one perticular dive a large snapper approached me and swam off, then again approached me and swam off in the same direction. This snapper continued this a few more times till I decided to follow and I kid you not it led me straight to a lionfish! I carefully took aim with the snapper sitting right next to the spear waiting. As soon as I released the spear the snapper went straight for the Lionfish, the only thing was I had missed it, luckily the snapper did not realise this and as fast as I could blink the Lionfish was gone. This took place in 2010 I left in 2011 with a kill count way to high for me to count

  22. Guest says:

    Matt's vacation package at Bloomberg must be better than BART's.

  23. big ring 12 says:

    Getting into shape for Ackman-Loeb cycle off part deux

  24. guest says:

    And in Ring Number Three, Clown Silly Billy on a bike!

  25. JCP says:

    JCP launches its new bikewear. The classic looks of a Brooks, but with the sweat wicking powers of a Lululemon.

  26. Puck It says:

    Figures that pussy would be riding a girl's bike.

    –Carl I.

  27. Heroine Trader says:

    hope yellen takes the gloves off so these markets can get to trading again. so much time on everyone's hands, the quality of comments really blows donkey dick

  28. Reggie Dunlop says:

    Mr. Ackman seems blissfully unaware a few moments before Mr. Icahn jammed a stick in the spokes of what Mr. Icahn later repeatedly referred to as "JC Penny's sissy bike"

  29. guest says:

    Citibank's newest Structured Product: Collateralize Bike Obligations embedded with Senior Unsecure Junk Bonds.

  30. Icahn't says:

    Icahn: This is the only kinda cycle the kid can ride…

  31. Cost: $5 says:

    "Need to save money, just bought a $100 Dealbreaker gym bag."