Libor Manipulators Foiled By Ancient Internet Technology

Deep in the bowels of the Zwillingstürme, Deutsche Bank has found the secretive space where its rogue employees conspired to do terrible things to Libor.

Deutsche Bank has widened an internal probe into possible manipulation of the Libor benchmark interest rate after discovering a new chatroom where traders may have colluded, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday….

Another source said Deutsche had summoned around 50 employees for questioning as a result of the discovery. The bank declined to comment.

Deutsche Bank widens Libor probe after chatroom found – source [Reuters]

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3 Responses to “Libor Manipulators Foiled By Ancient Internet Technology”

  1. John's BFF Yo says:

    Glad someone came into work today to post something.

    Looking at who posted this piece I immediately take that back…..

  2. His Munificence says:

    Two Shazar posts? As if Monday wasn't bad enough

  3. 18/F/Florida says: