Who Among Us Hasn’t Tried To Order A Ballet Dancer To Boost Morale Among Fixed Income And Ended Up With A Pole Dancer?

BNP Paribas knows what we’re talking about.

Senior managers in BNP Paribas’ London fixed income business have apologized to staff after a dinner intended to lift their spirits deteriorated into a display of pole dancing. The dinner, which reportedly took place in mid-September at a London art gallery reportedly began pleasantly enough with a string quartet and free flowing champagne. During the dessert, however, attendees report that a woman in a tutu appeared on stage. This tutu was whipped off and the woman, clad only in a ‘scanty leotard,’ began to gyrate around a pole seemingly put there for that purpose. “She showed her crotch and bottom and stuck out her boobs and gyrated her body up and down,” says one attendee. “It was very tacky and the audience was very shocked and sat there in complete silence.” The dinner preceded an offsite organized for BNP Paribas’ 50 most important fixed income staff, several of whom are women. “It has been a tough year in banking – the idea was to energize everyone and to treat them for their hard work,” says the attendee.

BNP Paribas declined to comment. However, we understand that the bank has apologized to the staff who attended the event and has opened an investigation into the matter. The pole dancer apparently came as a surprise. The act had reportedly been billed as a Swan Lake style ballet with Cirque Du Soleil overtones.

In fairness to BNP, the surprise pole dancer represents marked improvement to the entertainment provided at last year’s morale boosting event.

Last year, BNP Paribas was reviled following a motivational offsite (also allegedly involving the fixed income business) featuring a video portraying a Deutsche Bank rival as Hitler.

BNP Paribas accidentally books pole dancer for fixed income party. Bank is mounting full investigation [eFinancial]

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21 Responses to “Who Among Us Hasn’t Tried To Order A Ballet Dancer To Boost Morale Among Fixed Income And Ended Up With A Pole Dancer?”

  1. Im_a_Dude says:

    Seems that BNP isn't having much luck motivating their "50 most important Fixed Income staff" and should probably close the desk down

  2. 50 Shades of Shazar says:

    thank heavens this wasn't written by Jon

  3. Big D says:

    Weak attempt at a motivational outing. Two words: colored wristbands.

  4. Guest says:

    Rumour has it BNP was trying to cut Dominique Strauss Kahn a break by hiring him in the corporate events department.

  5. Guest says:

    Ballet dancers don't have boobs.

  6. investorcluzo says:

    a "full" investigation…where do I sign up?
    -BNP Jr. Compliance Officer

  7. B Iteme says:

    I am shocked to hear that BNP has 50 Important Fixed Income Staffers.

  8. Dom's Event Mgt says:

    All BNP said was they wanted a pirouette dancer. Those bankers should have been more specific.

  9. UBS Quant says:

    What is "fixed income"?

  10. U.S. Consumer says:

    What is "income", and can I get some for free?

  11. ILoveLamp says:

    What kinda acts we got? Well, there's "Swan Lake" with "Cirque du Soleil" overtones. Or, for a little extra, you can have "Chicago" with "Deep Throat" overtones. But if you want my advice, you should go all-in and get "Dirty Dancing" with "Weapons of Ass Destruction" overtones.

  12. The Pole Dancer says:

    BNP Paribas is a great bank.

  13. 3Cents says:

    Nothing will come of this investigation. I am an ex-BNP employee. I had complained about one senior management Asian jerk, who attempted showing porn to junior employees (mostly female) at a dinner party at his place, among other inappropriate stuff he routinely dishes out to female employees, to the global and regional heads. Nothing came out of it other than "we will investigate into it". I guess sexually inappropriate behaviour is "Par" for the course at Paribas.

  14. Guest says:

    Bonds to make her dance

  15. Jon Corzine says:

    BNP Paribas is the shittiest bank around. Baguette eating pussies.