Write-Offs: 10.17.13

$$$ On Thursday, Fantex Brokerage Services announced its intention to allow fans to invest in stock related to the performance of an athlete’s brand. The company said its initial public offering will be for Houston Texans running back Arian Foster. Fantex is paying Foster $10 million for a 20 percent stake in his future income, including contracts, endorsements and other related business revenue. The company will begin taking reservations in the next two weeks and could be selling shares of Foster in as soon as a month depending on demand and progress with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It’s much like fantasy sports, except fans will be trading on Foster’s business value. If he does well on the field and companies become more interested in Foster as an endorser, his stock might go up. Fans can then buy and sell shares, with Fantex taking a commission. The company says it is hoping to acquire a future stake in athletes but does not have any other deals finalized at this time. [ESPN]

$$$ Fed needs ‘couple of meetings’ before cutting QE3: Evans [Reuters]

$$$ U.K. Expected to Name Alleged Co-Conspirators in Libor Scandal [WSJ]

$$$ Barclays, Citigroup, RBS FX Messages Probed by Regulators [Bloomberg]

$$$ London’s Low Taxes Lure Foreign Companies as Banks Retrench [Bloomberg]

$$$ Conn. mom accused of slapping bride at reception [Stamford Advocate]

$$$ Treasury Has Tools to Push 2014 Debt-Limit Deadline Past Feb. 7 [Bloomberg]

$$$ Geithner Feuds With Greenberg Over Book in AIG Bailout Suit [Bloomberg]

$$$ Pickup Artists Put Together Map Rating “Easiness of Girls by Country” [ValleyWag]

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