Write-Offs: 10.21.13

$$$ Paulson & Co. PFR Gold Fund Fell 16 Percent in September [Bloomberg]

$$$ CFTC Asked Major Forex Banks to Scrutinize Records [WSJ]

$$$ Summers Said to Turn Down Request to Run Bank of Israel [Bloomberg]

$$$ Jamie Dimon will be just fine: Analysts [NetNet]

$$$ Madoff employees lived high on corporate money, prosecutors say [Reuters]

$$$ Fake Banksys Easily Outsell Real Banksys [Daily Intel]

$$$ Caesars Faces Money-Laundering Probe at Las Vegas Casino [WSJ]

$$$ Goldman Vice Chairman Evans to retire at year-end [Reuters]

$$$ Terrifying Clowns Arrested In New Jersey and Maine [Gawker]

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