Bonus Watch ’13: Jefferies

Last year, a li’l investment bank that could called Jefferies paid out bonuses comprised entirely of cash. This proved pretty popular, so this year, CEO Dick Handler has decided to do it again.

The boutique investment bank is going to pay bonuses in cash again this year, according to two people familiar with the situation. Neither would say whether bonuses for 2013 would be up or down on last year, but the bank Tuesday reported “exceptional quarterly performance in our investment banking business,” with revenues up 47% in the three months to November 30 from the previous year.

Jefferies Continues with Cash Bonuses [MoneyBeat]
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9 Responses to “Bonus Watch ’13: Jefferies”

  1. guest says:

    heh, dick handler.

    – guy who mentally checked out for the holiday last week

  2. Guest says:

    Sorry Besstifer,

    that could >be< called Jefferies

    – Guy whos firm does not believe in Christmas Holidays

  3. Same Guest says:

    Ha Ha, good one

  4. EAA says:

    Sure all cash, but with a wicked claw back….

  5. Dead_cat says:

    But is a Jefferies all-cash bonus actually more than the cash component of a bonus at the big boy banks?

  6. Martha says:

    Dick has no choice, this is the only thing going for an employee who gets stuck with Jefferies on their resume