Guy Who Worked In Notorious Boiler Room Where He Was Urged By Boss To Slit His Throat Has Already Fandangoed His Tickets To The Movie

Over at the Post today you will find a first-person account of what it was like to work in Stratton Oakmont, the boiler room that is the subject of ex-con Jordan Belfort’s memoir and Martin Scorsese’s upcoming movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the wolf. Josh Shapiro walks us through his time at Stratton, beginning with his first impressions (“…no sign that says Stratton Oakmont or anything but there’s a line of cars — Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes. And I’m like ‘Whoa!’ It looked like a car show. I’ve never seen cars like this. I didn’t have a driver’s license yet.”) through leaving just months before the Feds raided the place and his bosses got upwards of 39 months in prison. In between he “worked [his] tail off” cold calling potential customers, was told he was a loser who should kill himself if he didn’t land enough, met a hooker with a heart of gold, and rescued another woman from a life of blowing 40 guys in one sitting by dating her for over a year. This is his story.

Like many young men, it begins with his father telling him to get a job.

  • “I was 22 and came back to New York in 1993, when my father, who’s a doctor, said, ‘Danny’ — the son of Jerry Porush, a nephrologist my father was partners with — ‘is making a lot of money at this stock-broker place. Maybe you should go and check it out.'”

Which hooked him on its club-like atmosphere.

  • “I walked into the board room, a humongous room with 300 people in it. Everyone on the phone, people standing up, people screaming into the phones, and Porush had a big old office in the corner, with golden golf clubs and souvenirs and signed baseballs — just a really lavish office. He said: ‘Sit down, Josh. Do you want to make a million dollars a year? Do you want to make $100,000 a month? This is how you do it.’ I was blown away by the intensity — you could feel the pulse when you walked into the place. It was like walking into a nightclub without the music. The music was the phones and the people talking.”

In the beginning, he loved being told what a worthless piece of garbage he was.

  • “The office was basically separated into two parts: the cold callers in the back, and the brokers in the front. The cold callers were dressed in Van Heusen shirts and ties — nothing too expensive. The guys in the front were sporting Armani, Boss, slicked back hair. They’d give meetings in the back to the cold callers where they’d rip up $100 bills, throw them on the floor and tell them, ‘Do you want to be a loser all your life, or do you want to make something out of your life? Do you want to be rich?’ The motivational meetings in the morning were incredible.”

He loved being told to just kill himself already.

  • Porush gave meetings where he’d insult people, based on their performance. He would say: ‘Doug, you sold 1,000 shares of stock in the last three weeks. You know, you should have slit your throat when you were shaving this morning.'”
  • He loved having computers thrown at his feet.

    • “He would come out at other times, completely stewed out of his mind on Quaaludes. Stand on the desk, then fall onto the floor. Or he would come out angry, pick up a computer — and these are the old CRT monitors — and smash it on the floor as hard as he possibly could. And be like, ‘You’re all a bunch of f- -king losers unless you push this f- -king stock!'”
  • He loved the hookers, especially the ones who really cared.

    • “There were other perks — the Gina girls. That’s what everyone called them. Don’t know if that was the agency name. We went to Atlantic City, me and six other guys on a private jet for somebody’s birthday. We took some Mexican Quaaludes, some things called Mandrax. I just remember vomiting in the room when I was with the Gina girl, and she went and she got a warm washcloth and she wiped the vomit off my lips, and said, ‘Oh, honey, I hope you feel better.’ It kind of sobered me up. And I just remember thinking, ‘Wow, she’s an incredible girl.'”
  • He loved one special girl in particular.

    • “They had this other girl who liked to go to all the parties in Atlantic City, and they rented a bus for 40 people, and she had oral sex with everybody on the bus, all 40 people. She wasn’t a Gina girl, she was just known by everyone in the office because she basically f- -ked everyone in the office. I met her, and gave her $50 in Atlantic City for a b- - - - - -  and stuff, and asked her for her number. I wound up taking her out of the business, and I dated her for a year and half*.”

    Eventually though, he realized that the love wasn’t mutual and that these people– his bosses, his coworkers, his hookers, his drugs– didn’t love him back and were not actually the salt of the earth types he once thought.

    • “…the blindness from the drugs, the girls and the cars, the clothes and the money, wore off. These people were some of the worst people that I have ever met in my life — they would sell their own grandmother in a second. I left a couple months before the FBI came and shut down the place.”

    Still gonna see the movie though, obviously. Probably with mom and dad.

    • “I got to the point where I realized there was no way you could win. To this day, I still remember two clients’ names who lost all their money because of me. I think they’re dead now, but I did think about making amends. Now it’s too late. It’s probably why I’m in the medical business now and I’m a physician’s assistant — to try to make up for that s- -t…Madoff got years in prison, and these guys have gotten off easy — 22 months for Belfort, 39 months for Porush — for ripping off $200 million. I’m still going to see the movie. My parents want to go with me.”
  • My Life Working For The Real Wolf Of Wall Street [NYP]
    *Really wish he went on to say that he was married to this girl.

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    48 Responses to “Guy Who Worked In Notorious Boiler Room Where He Was Urged By Boss To Slit His Throat Has Already Fandangoed His Tickets To The Movie”

    1. CF no A though says:

      I wonder if Leo will be 1st or 40th in that blow by blow bus scene.

    2. Guest says:

      I suspect Stratton Oakmont has two kinds of ex-employees:

      – Those who, upon hearing that the film was coming out, tried to figure out if they could get away with scrubbing it from their resumes in order to protect their reputation

      – Those who, upon hearing that the film was coming out, started cold-calling every news publication they knew of in hopes of scoring a quick sixty seconds of fame, even if it cost them their reputation

    3. pretty woman guest says:

      I met her, and gave her $50 in Atlantic City for a b- - - - - -  and stuff, and asked her for her number. I wound up taking her out of the business, and I dated her for a year and half*.”

      regular richard gere this guy is.

    4. guest says:

      who among us hasn't blown 40 guys on a bus ride down to atlantic city?

    5. Hobbes says:

      I bet he's a physician's assistant so that he can pay the doctor back for all the STD meds he had to take.

    6. Camel says:

      40 guys! She must of belonged to a sorority at TCU.

    7. OpportunityCost says:

      Bet this guy kept that picture of him mean-muggin in the Porsche forever just waiting for the perfect moment to whip it out and rehash the glory days.

      "Oh god I feel so terrible about my past but hey let me tell the Post about it, oh and here's a picture of me in my Porsche. Rent the movie for a $1 when it hits Redbox? Fuck that I'm seeing that shit in the theater. Might bring mom and dad too."

    8. Bored Guest says:

      Is he sitting in a toy Porsche, or is him just a little guy?

      – Tommy Callahan

    9. Bored Guest says:

      Also, how do you pronounce "Gina girls"? Is the "i" pronounced "eye" or "ee"? If the former, I'm pretty sure I know where the name comes from, even if this genius is having a hard time figuring it out.

    10. Rob J. says:

      Good ol' Gina: Look, I’m gonna be real honest with you, um, it’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man. Spent a lot of time with the ladies. Looking to get back up on that pogo stick, you know what I’m sayin?

    11. Some chick says:

      Hey! 40 is the new 20.

    12. Guest says:

      Illegally making large sums of money in your early-20's and the best you can pull is prostitutes? —> Jump out of the window.

    13. E Cartman says:

      Just because you have condoms doesn't mean you're safe, Kenny! Statistically speaking, the most bacteria-ridden place on the planet is the mouth of an American woman! And you're gonna let that near your penis?!

    14. Guest says:

      So, how'd you two meet?

    15. Put_Option says:

      Since when were cold callers and brokers two separate things?

      Other than that, no complaints.

    16. third round bye says:

      better to blow a guy on a plane than 40 on a bus. might get to anchor your own CNBC show.

    17. Guest says:

      After that bus ride to Atlantic City I really decided to reevaluate my life. Once I realized I wanted out I met a nice man and settled down and we had a lovely daughter who we named Rebecca.

      -Mrs. Martinson

    18. John Schafer EVP says:

      Ah, you people need to understand – Oakmont is not the enemy – they made money for many. Risk factors disclosed. Want to know the real scam – the scum – Goldman Sacs, Federal Reserve, etc. Break the rules, make money and say F you USA as they rack trillions in debt. Hey, Feds, when you go cash flow positive, come cry about those who beat the system. Goldman Sacs and Bank of America – the true criminals and the Fed Reserve … market stimulation aka manipulation. People that invested with Oakmont knew the risks – many made good money but those who lost it – as the red herrings disclosed – HIGH RISK. Goldmand Sacs, Bank of America just will steel it slow – under the USURY ECONOMICS system – keep working to pay that interest to keep the elite few scum of this country rich! lol! Pikers!