Mike Steinberg Undone By LivingSocial Deal For Screenwriting Class

As of Monday morning, SAC trader Michael Steinberg was innocent against charges of insider trading in the eyes of a juror named Demethress Gordon. But on Monday evening, Gordon “attended a screenwriting class that happened to focus on the subtext of characters’ actions.” And then this happened:

In deliberations the following day, with that backdrop in her mind, she says she listened to an analogy offered by another juror, who told her to imagine walking through the door. “He told me to go through the door,” she said. “I understood what he meant, without him having to say, ‘Walk to the door. Turn the knob. Step through it.’ ” It suddenly clicked. People can understand more than they are told, she said. Mr. Steinberg must have known the information he received was based on nonpublic information, she said, even if it wasn’t explicitly made clear. She explained her reasoning to the last dissenting juror, who then agreed, she said, prompting a “guilty” vote, which was announced shortly before 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Turnabout by Juror Was Crucial in Steinberg’s SAC Case [WSJ]

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6 Responses to “Mike Steinberg Undone By LivingSocial Deal For Screenwriting Class”

  1. Blinding Insight says:

    I get it!! It's a picture of him walking through a door!

  2. Guest says:

    she needed THAT analogy to realize that people don't have to be explicitly told everything to understand something?

    – guy who is starting to realize juries are not in fact comprised of his "peers"

  3. segoviacobain says:

    I was expecting one of Bess's scripts, so since that's not there, let me crack my knucles and whip out my Irwin Blacker / Aristotle:

    INT- Close Shot – DAY

    We PAN around the offices of SHAZAR is seated in front of a bank of monitors, watching Duck Sauce videos. In comes BESS, radiating a Holly Golightly JeNeSaisQuoi

    I want to do a story on 'boob glue'…who's doing the private placement on that?

    They won't get it.

    Sure they will, there might even be a 'paint shaker' comment.

    Its your funeral.

    BESS goes to a desk, fires up an Apple Mac, and inserts a thumb drive.

    CLOSE SHOT BESS' screen. The screensaver is a GIF of William Ackman playing with his hair.

    I want to do another story about Cohen's weenie truck.

    Its your funeral

    (Studio Laughter)


  4. Guest says:

    So not only Shia but also the guy from Dawson's Creek think they are BSDs?