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The 2013 Dealbreaker Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is nigh and you still haven’t shopped. While you’re dreaming only of sugar plum fairies bearing fat bonuses, you don’t the time to mingle with the riff raff at some big box nightmare. Dealbreaker is here to help.  Behold the 2013 Dealbreaker Holiday Gift Guide, chockfull of descriptors like “custom,” “gourmet,” “housecleaning,” and “DB swag.”

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FreshNeck, the “Netflix for Ties”

Plans from $20/month

You’ve been collecting hoarding ties for years, amassing 30-40 that just sit in the back of your closet, yet you wear the same few over and over again. Solution:, the “Netflix for Ties” that provides men unlimited access to designer neckwear and accessories for just $20/month. With top brands including Hermes, Prada, Gucci, Brioni, and more, a FreshNeck membership is the perfect way to infuse some style and variety into your wardrobe, and try out new things like bow ties and tie clips with no commitment. They also offer an option to keep an item, often at 50+% discounts.

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