Write-Offs: 12.05.13

$$$ Ex-Dell employee avoids prison for help in insider trading probe [Reuters]

$$$ BofA: Bitcoin can become ‘major means of payment’ for e-commerce [CNBC]

$$$ Poker-playing hedgie may have overplayed hand [NetNet]

$$$ Securities trade group urges hardware revamp after Nasdaq August halt [Reuters]

$$$ Shareholders, say Icahn, deserve a bigger share. And Cook, he says, has been willing to consider his views. Icahn told TIME: “We’ve discussed a lot of things, and he asked a lot of questions, and really listened.” Icahn says his most recent conversation with Cook was a 20-minute phone call Nov. 21—which Cook’s assistant initially tried to schedule at 5 a.m. Pacific Time. “That’s usually when I go to bed! This guy’s tougher to get than the President,” laughs Icahn. [Time]

$$$ Kozlowski’s New Job: Software Company Clerk [Dealbook]

$$$ Court Weighs Penalty in Bank of America ‘Hustle’ Case [WSJ]

$$$ Wendy’s Employee ‘Forgets’ Half-Smoked Blunt Inside Customer’s Burger [Gawker]

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