• 20 Dec 2013 at 5:09 PM

Write-Offs: 12.20.13

$$$ Deutsche Bank to pay $1.9 billion to settle U.S. mortgage case [Reuters]

$$$ 20-something Buffett protégé freezes paint firm pensions [NYP]

$$$ Investors’ Story Left Out of Wall St. ‘Wolf’ Movie [Dealbook]

$$$ S&P Cuts European Union’s Credit Rating [NYT]

$$$ 5 real people who have fallen in love with machines [NYP]

$$$ Don’t Sleep on Your Trades With ConvergEx [BloombergView/Matt]

$$$ Jamie Dimon’s Viral Christmas Card Is Braggy and Opulent, and That’s Totally Fine [The Atlantic]

$$$ Geraldo Rivera defends ‘Duck Dynasty’ star, Alec Baldwin: ‘C—sucking f—-t’ is not a homophobic slur! [NYDN]

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