Area Hedge Fund Manager Lets His Scalps Talk For Him

How does an activist hedge fund manager express to executives at the subject of of his activism that they’re in his world now? That proposed changes to the company will happen with or without management? That we can do this the easy way or the hard way? Some threaten to take things public, via CNBC, Twitter, and the like. Others use well-timed coughs to mutter “Box up your crap, because you’re all going to be out of here by the end of the day” (followed by “I’m sorry, nagging tickle in my throat”). The best of the bunch, though, the most seasoned activists in the game, prefer a more subtle approach.

… even though activists are more refined in their methods today, many keep a bully tactic or two in their back pocket. A partner at one activist hedge fund, based in New York, has a mug he likes to use during talks with corporate executives. The mug features the photographs of chairmen his hedge fund has removed in earlier activist campaigns.

Said manager presumably came up with this idea after his general counsel deemed rigging a conference room closet door so halfway through meetings it would open and dummies baring uncanny likenesses of axed CEOs would come tumbling out “too much.”

No Barbarians at the Gate; Instead, a Force for Change [Dealbook]

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11 Responses to “Area Hedge Fund Manager Lets His Scalps Talk For Him”

  1. Guest says:

    Kinda like Mary Jo's mug with the pictures of Raj, Madoff, etc?

  2. Matt Levine says:

    I still chart like I used too, I need to put that shit on YouTube.

  3. D. Loeb says:

    I paid the Academy to have my fallen Chairmen added to the "In Memory Of" video tribute during the Oscar's.

    ….and for kicks I also had "F@ck You George Clooney" thrown in there.

  4. Clortho says:

    Bill Ackman scares everyone by crying hysterically and laughing at the same time all while eating a sandwich. It really throws people off their game.

  5. Guest says:

    I approve of the mug. Boss

  6. Arina says:

    Great mug – I wonder if other CEOs will follow his example.