Behold The Dazzling Array Of Lies Mathew Martoma (née Thomas) Told Before Getting Expelled From Harvard Law School

Yesterday we learned that Mathew Martoma, on trial for orchestrating “the largest insider trading scheme in history,” got himself expelled from Harvard Law School 15 years ago for creating fake transcripts to boost his grades. Obviously, this is not a great thing to have come to light if you are about to ask a jury to believe you are an innocent man, particularly if the judge presiding over your case is going to allow the story to be included by the prosecution.

But apparently changing his Civil Procedure grade from B to A (Contracts from B+ to A; Criminal Law B to A) was but a warm up for the deluge of lies the artist formerly known as Ajai Mathew Thomas would go on to tell! The subsequent ones, courtesy of the findings of Harvard’s administrative board, included:

  • Claiming the fake transcript was only meant to be seen by his parents

Mr. Thomas asserts that he did not purposefully send the judges the altered transcript. He contends that they received it by accident. According to Mr. Thomas, he altered his transcript only for the purpose of deceiving his parents.

  • Blaming the mix up on his brother

At the end of December of in early January, Mr. Thomas’s application for a clerkship was sent to 23 judges in the United States Court of Appeals. The applications included the altered transcript. . . . Mr. Thomas has stated that it was his intention that the real transcript be sent with his applications. According to his statement, he arranged with his brother for the latter to prepare the packets of materials for mailing to each judge; his brother came across the altered transcript and, mistakenly believing that it was the real transcript, included it with the application.

  • Potentially the best lie among the lot, the one in which he said that after he was asked to interview with the judges who received the altered grades, he tried his hardest to come off as a candidate they wouldn’t want to hire…

On January 26 and 27, Mr. Thomas interviewed for a clerkship with Judge Sentelle, Judge Randolph, and Judge Ginsburg of the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Mr. Thomas did not disclose to the judges that the transcript that they had received was not accurate…Mr. Thomas has stated that it was his intention, in order to avoid any harmful effect from the altered transcript, not to be offered a clerkship and that he tried not to be a successful candidate at the interviews.

  • …but damn it, they saw through his act!

Two of the three judges who interviewed Mr. Thomas thought after the interviews that he was an extremely attractive candidate for a clerkship. One judge decided to offer him a clerkship. He reported that Mr. Thomas’s conduct at the interview was consistent only with his wanting the job.

  • Also:

During the proceedings, Martoma changed the date of an email before submitting it as evidence of his innocence. He also submitted a computer forensic report about the email with the falsified date, but did not tell the disciplinary committee that the company that produced the forensic report was his creation.

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62 Responses to “Behold The Dazzling Array Of Lies Mathew Martoma (née Thomas) Told Before Getting Expelled From Harvard Law School”

  1. Guest says:

    And that ain't the half of it– eg-

    A man named Stephen K. Chan[his partner in the computer forensic company used to perpetuate his lies] pleaded guilty to conspiracy and mail fraud in a case in 2001. Chan admitted to defrauding banks, including G.E. Capital Corp, according to court records. He was sentenced to more than four years in prison and ordered to pay $12.6 million in restitution.

  2. Guest says:

    Press should have a field day with this. When do they get access to this[from bberg]:

    "Harvard held four days of hearings, recorded in more than 550 pages of transcript and a day of videotaped testimony, Strassberg said in court papers. The proof included “highly sensitive information about Mr. Martoma’s personal and family circumstances, including medical and mental health matters,” he said. "

    • guest says:

      Why would the press care about that?

    • guest says:

      I hate to ruin the surprise, but to take a wild guess at the "family circumstances": Geological pressure for ever more "success" placed on their son by 1st or 2nd gen south asian immigrant parents. (Which does not excuse the behavior at all).

  3. PippyLongSausage says:

    Lol this is great. This guy could not and would not accept failure of any kind and it ended up screwing him over down the road.

    Guys like these don't live by handshakes and bro-codes. It's evident by his crazy story he concocted about his brother mailing the fake letters to the judges and even starting a computer forensics company after the saga in order to clean up his name.

    Up until this article I felt somewhat bad for Martoma.

    • Steven A. Cohen says:

      Why would need this article to feel bad for such a scumbag? I feel somewhat bad for your complete lack of intelligence and ability to judge personal character.

    • Guest says:

      I'm wondering what fake documents he gave Cohen during his SAC interview process? Or does Cohen admire the moxie of a 20-something applicant who gets expelled from school and legally changes his name?

      • Guest says:

        I'd wager a large amount of money he got into Harvard Law with phony transcripts.

      • guest says:

        I'd wager an even larger amount of money that he told people he dropped out of HLS and they revealed nothing to the contrary until a federal subpoena came along. Standard operating procedure for almost any university.

    • Guest says:

      Part of me wants to believe he told Cohen the Harvard/clerk story after a few too many hot toddies at the SAC Holiday Party. Cohen wasn't upset, he actually thought it was awesome that he almost pulled it off.

  4. S.Money says:

    Cause I heard Sammy the Bull lamps in Miami with pull.

  5. Guest says:

    Whatever amazing trail of stupidity he's created, he's still golden to plead out. Let's see if he's got half a brain left.

  6. Guest says:

    Stevie's probably revelling at the disclosure. The Feds' nearest witness to him with the impeachable reputation of dishonest and fraud. How was Stevie supposed to know?

  7. Whoops says:

    Did anyone while reading this start humming the song by Shaggy, "it wasn't me."

    –but she caught me banging in the bathroom. "it wasn't me"

  8. Shaz's beard says:

    Martoma should have learned some basic copy/paste tricks from the Shazzmatazz and none of this would have happened.

  9. Martoma's Computer says:


    (1/10/2014 13:09:00)

  10. Brilliant Mind says:

    A for effort

  11. he is old. says:

    I thought hls only did pass fail.

  12. Sam says:

    Too clever by half. Also psychopath.

  13. SMU Secure says:

    Stay classy NYC.

    • Alt_EST says:

      Navigate to Google Search Bar, input "texas fraud" or "texas crime", depress Enter key, shut mouth.

      • says:

        Navigate to Google Search Bar, input "texas fraud" or "texas crime", depress Enter key, take relative's dick out of your mouth, shut mouth

        There. Fixed it for you.

    • Messingw/Texas says:

      Look idiot, we know the difference between Houston and Dallas, and that's the same state. Can't you distinguish between Boston and New York?

    • NY hata says:

      I'm a native NYer who believes that moving to TX was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm your natural audience… and even *I* had to give you a thumbs-down

  14. HighFrequencyHater says:

    Heh I'm thinking something like "hey it wasn't me" or "I didn't know I couldn't do that" would work better than the defense story presented.

    ~guy that thinks though his lies

  15. Guest says:

    Did he apply for a clerkship at Southern District of NY's office?

  16. Tiger Mom says:

    you are wrong. he's the real "triple package" [pre-order your audio book now] . the feelings of superiority, insecurity and impulse control, which push their children to do better in America than others in terms of income, test scores and occupational status, was clearly imparted on him.

  17. Guest says:

    SAC Capital: Sunny hedge fund for shady people.

  18. Backpacking Europe says:

    SAC interviewer: "So what were you doing around 1998 and 1999?"

    Martoma: "Ummmmm…traveling."

    SAC: "Fun. So here's our offer…"

  19. Guest says:

    Indian and other Asian student study groups > Frat house test banks

  20. Mahatma Cohen says:

    As an Indian American who worked on Wall Street in the 90's….I am not surprised. 99% of the Indians I met on Wall Street were psychopaths…No clue the difference between right and wrong and they would slaughter baby puppies for an extra buck….

    • Bored Guest says:

      Slaughtering baby puppies only costs a buck?

      – UBS Baby Puppy Slaughter Quant, etc.

      • guest says:

        My modeling shows some very fluffy and cute tails w/a 65% chance of hip displasia

        ex-LEH Baby Puppy Slaughter Qunat

  21. guest says:

    Didn't he enter Stanford's MBA program shortly after this?

    How did Stanford accept him? He wouldn't have had a degree and possibly this story to tell

    Also, Harvard reportedly refuses to even acknowledge his attendance when asked about all this

    • Guest says:

      Are you inferring a leopard rarely changes his stripes and he…conned his way into Harvard just the same as he conned his way into Stanford?

    • Guest says:

      I'm too lazy to look up his undergrad but he very likely conned his way into an Ivy by falsifying transcripts, paying a relative to take SAT (it was SO easy in the 90's), etc. So top undergrad, top 3 law school, top 3 b school, almost a top clerkship, top hedge fund all off lies. This guy was a regular Dicaprio in catch me if you can. I would pre order the shit out of his memoir.

    • St. Copious says:

      Wtf do you mean he wouldn't have had a degree? He wouldn't have had a LAW degree, which last I checked, is not a pre-req for b school. Simple story: I started law school *at harvard* but it wasn't for me. Not only would Stanford assume he is qualified, since he got into HLS, but they'd have no way of learning that he got kicked out rather than dropped out. Most schools only disclose very basic information. Attendance and graduation. That's it.

      • Guest says:

        Every college application has "have you ever been disciplined at a previous institution." Did he change his name before or after applying to Stanford? I assume before. Therefore I seriously doubt Harvard Law was ever disclosed to Stanford or anyone new in his life moving forward — as it sounds like the sole motive for the name change. He prob fabricated some bullshit job in India during those two years. Nobody drops out of Harvard law, they have practically a 100pc grad rate. And if you wanted an MBA you'd go JD/MBA, obviously. Claiming to have ever been at Harvard law would raise red flags, so he did everything he could to bury that part of his life. The same fraudulent template he used to get into Harvard law was done to get into Stanford business school, under a new name.

      • D13 says:

        Why so serious? Brah.

    • Guest says:

      Cause Stamford didn't know about what was going on at Harvard. What am I missing?

  22. Jim Cramer says:

    I went to Harvard Law. Didn't help.

  23. christofurio says:

    "but did not tell the disciplinary committee that the company that produced the forensic report was his creation."

    Why would that even be their busy-ness. I mean … come on. Cut a brother some slack.

  24. Para says:

    Compassionate judges end up being exploited

  25. Shaggy says:

    "It wasn't me"

  26. Guest says:

    Deport to where? Michigan, where he was born?

  27. Wanna Fight? says:

    Sure! Michigan is nothing but white trash with chin straps. You know what they say: Everyone in Michigan has got a gay uncle. That's pure Michigan.

  28. Wanna Fight? says:

    Baby dick will do that to you.

  29. guestation period says:

    Wait, what?

    -Mahatma Gandhi