Bonus Watch ’14: Credit Suisse

It’s compensation communication day at the House of Dougan. No word on numbers yet, but the early word is: “No one looks particularly thrilled so far…”

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20 Responses to “Bonus Watch ’14: Credit Suisse”

  1. Guest says:

    Bonus is you don't work for UBS.

  2. Brady's Ladies says:

    Pretty sure the “No one looks particularly thrilled” quote could be used any day at CS and not just comp day.

  3. Quant me maybe... says:

    The bonus will be paid in chocolate bars. But not until after 8pm.

    > Go ahead, try to claw that shit back, bitches.

  4. CPAP Slob says:

    I'm tired

  5. Guy who digs Becky says:

    Hey Bess, did you see this?

  6. Cap One MD says:

    Credit Suisse should probably expand into the Credit Card market. That's really the future and it only makes sense. Plus, we have a blast at minor league baseball games (VIP Booth)

    -Cap One MD

  7. The Truth says:

    Equity research bonuses dismal despite record turnover in 2013 among junior and senior covering analysts. Management continues to de-emphasize equity research. Resumes are being updated. Morale reaches new low ahead of move into smaller offices.

    Analyst $0-15k
    Associate $0-25k

    Some got a kicker from their bosses but in many cases bosses were underpaid as well in what is ironically dubbed as an "investment" year by the firm after record turnover in 2013. Only investment being made is supporting the bloated 5 person management team.

  8. Managing upwards says:

    Weak mgmt appoints weak divisional heads which push out talent through lacks of variable comp.

    Retards appointing retards to look less retarded by comparison.

  9. Conf. Cookie Monster says:

    The treatment of the associate EQR pool and some senior analysts is disgusting. Turnover is a joke. Poor managers are putting the banks' reputation at risk.

  10. Revolution says:

    It's actually sad, CS used to have a solid research franchise till the dawn of the current management's era. Complete waste of space starting with one who has a McKinsey fetish, another than spends time inventing idiotic templates for research, another who should get whacked by the gong that he carries around and the other two side kicks who are vehemently hated by the analyst and associate community.

  11. TimesUp says:

    this is bad all around for EQR folks everywhere, surely some other shops will do the same

    miserable business