Bonus Watch ’14: Morgan Stanley

Denizens of the House of Gorman received bonus numbers today. An early reaction from the frontline:

“Seems like overall people are getting +5-10% over last year, firm-wide. Last year was not good, so it makes sense that no one seems overly thrilled.”

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22 Responses to “Bonus Watch ’14: Morgan Stanley”

  1. Bonus Hat says:

    We've started to see bonus numbers for Morgan Stanley trickle into Bonus Hat. It's still a little too early to tell how specific departments fared.

  2. MS analyst says:

    What is 10% of 10k?

  3. Master of None says:

    Bonus Hat you are my new favorite. NOW GIVE ME YOUR DATA.

  4. Stank Butt says:

    So long Civic. Hellooooooo Accord!!

    – UBS Jr. Trader

  5. Dick Gorman says:

    Keep the change you filthy animal.

  6. Ruth says:

    STFU or GTFO!

    – Morgan Stanley Spokeswoman

  7. Guest says:

    Anyone heard 3rd year Wideclops numbers?

  8. HeRo says:

    FID up 15-20%, though a few donuts

  9. UBS MD says:

    I did the math ,but applying 10% on top of zero, still gets me to zero.

  10. PIK toggle says:

    Anyone heard associate and vp numbers? I was told headline for VPs was flat vs last year….

  11. Jung Li says:

    Did anyone in PWM get a bonus?

  12. PWM says:

    PWM doesn't get a bonus. Never do .

  13. PWM Boss says:

    With grammar like that, it is no wonder they doesn't.

  14. Lehman MD says:

    Bunch of pussies.
    Go big or go home boys.