BusinessWeek: Try To Avoid Situations In Which The Likelihood Of Seeing Your Boss Or Colleague Stark-Naked But For A Few Sudsy Bubbles Are High

Fitness, like its closest cousin, athletics, always comes with an undercurrent of competition. That’s beneficial when you’re training for a marathon or trying to lose weight. But most of us are already striving to outperform our colleagues on a daily basis. Adding more rivalry—Bob is the best spinner, Kate fell off the Tough Mudder wall, John is so damn slow—is unnecessary at best and destructive at worst. You’re better off pretending the invite went to your spam folder or ducking out of work early when everyone’s putting on their short-shorts. If you see co-workers at your gym, switch gyms. If you can’t do that, nod from afar. Don’t engage, even positively, as it just gets weird: “Once, I said to my co-worker, ‘I want to have abs like yours,’ ” remembers David Perez, who works in public relations. “It did not go over well.” The biggest issue isn’t the workout itself, it’s what happens after. “I once ran into my boss in the showers, totally naked, and he wanted some exercise advice from me,” says Kivanc Ozdemir, a hotel executive. He told his manager that he should try more cardio. “Obviously, I saw him differently after that.” [BW]

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8 Responses to “BusinessWeek: Try To Avoid Situations In Which The Likelihood Of Seeing Your Boss Or Colleague Stark-Naked But For A Few Sudsy Bubbles Are High”

  1. L. Tilton says:

    Bess, I work day and night on these buns. The least you could do is one fucking blog on it

  2. Rodney says:

    I'm having an image over hall after this past Christmas. I'll be 17 in a week and as i'm not a very outgoing person, i think being the shy and mysterious type could help me. I'm a virgin, but a friend is coming over for my birthday to stay, and there's been alot of 'off and on' with us for the past couple years, and i think she might be up for it. i'm basing my new mystic on Simon from Misfits, as i look pretty similar to him, minus the hair. Time to get ass period.

  3. Cool Guest says:

    If Bess was my boss, and I saw her naked in the shower, I'd pop wood and have the sudden urge to just be alone in a quite place.

  4. Guest says:

    I once saw Dick Fuld in the shower washing his nuts like a maid scrubbing a dirty shirt. I tried to avoid eye contact but he stared straight at me until I acknowledged him. I smiled politely and he smiled back and said, "a clean sack is a happy sack".

    • Matt says:

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  5. Guest says:

    Easy fix. Be one of those guys that does that tricky fast locker room move where you wrap the towel then reach under and pull off yr gym shorts. After shower repeat in reverse to put on yr underpants. No one sees yr junk. I see this over and over at NYSC. My question is why are u all so shy?

    • Name says:

      You have beautiful cunt lips.

      • Guest says:

        I definitely do not. But seriously. Why do u guys do that move with the towel? I could see wrapping it around on the way to the shower, to avoid showing off. But is allowing yr cock three seconds of exposure while u put on yr underwear gonna hurt?