Disgraced SAC Capital Trader Once Disgraced Harvard Law Student

Before Mathew Martoma was (allegedly!) telling Steve Cohen to dump large positions in Elan and Wyeth based on inside information he received from a doctor involved in clinical trials of an Alzheimer’s drug, he was making fake transcripts of his grades at Harvard Law School.

Mr. Martoma’s lawyer had sought to keep evidence of the grade tampering under wraps, but the judge presiding over the insider trading trial of the former hedge fund trader on Thursday ordered court papers discussing his expulsion to be unsealed. The court papers in the case have not yet be unsealed, according to the federal court’s electronic docketing service. But a summary on the court docketing system known as a Pacer said the unsealed court papers would discuss a law school disciplinary proceeding involving Mr. Martoma. There was no mention in the summary of Mr. Martoma’s expulsion from law school or what the disciplinary matter involved.

According to Martoma’s spokesman, the grade tinkering represents nothing more than a youthful indiscretion that has no place in this court room. In fact, he doesn’t even want to hear the words “Harvard Law School” anymore. Starting now.

Lou Colasuonno, a spokesman for Mr. Martoma, said: “This event of 15 years ago is entirely unrelated to, and has no bearing on, this case.” He added that the prosecution, in raising the issue, is trying to “unduly influence the ongoing court proceedings.”

Ex-SAC Trader Was Expelled From Harvard Law School [Dealbook]

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20 Responses to “Disgraced SAC Capital Trader Once Disgraced Harvard Law Student”

  1. Bored Guest says:

    The H-bomb ensures that when you crash and burn…there's nothing left of you.

  2. Guy says:

    nice headline!

  3. All Hail Yale says:

    Disgraceful. This would never happen at Bridgewater.

  4. Guest says:

    Morally-challenged people who work at hedge funds…hmmm

  5. Jeannie Bueller says:

    Oh, but of course, *Ferris* can tamper with his grades and everybody gives him a pass!

  6. Guest says:

    Has no bearing on the case? Hell yeah it does. His stupidity at Harvard Law School explains why he stupidly thinks he can win this case.

  7. Guest says:

    Is this why he changed his name?

  8. Jon Shazar says:

    When Planned Parenthood Abortions, Condoms, the morning after pill, and teaching homosexuality as an alternative life style, are more important at schools than Education and Abstinence, this is the outcome.

  9. HighFrequencyHater says:

    He must be into lotto tickets to not take a plea deal.

  10. Guest says:

    Remember, the decision to go to trial was made prior to the Steinberg conviction. Which at the time seemed unlikely.

  11. Tony says:

    Leopards rarely change their stripes. I am sure the folks at Harvard, 15 years ago, said this guy would someday end up in jail.
    May not be relevant to this case but it is sure relevant in understanding this guy's lack of a moral compass, which we now know goes back at least 15 years.

    One interesting question is did SAC know about his Harvard experience when they hired him?