Exclusive Preview: Harvard Law School Class Notes

1999: ARLO DEVLIN-BROWN Law ’99 writes that you never know where you’ll run into a classmate. He is prosecuting MATHEW MARTOMA (nee Thomas) ’99* on insider trading charges in Lower Manhattan. Devlin-Brown has asked U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe (unfortunately Penn ’79, Columbia ’82) for permission to talk about Matt’s expulsion from Harvard for doctoring his transcript, so get ready for fireworks! The trial is expected to last several weeks, so for anyone who missed WILLIAM PULLMAN and Lisa Frank’s (Yale ’03, NYU Law ’08, NYU Stern ’08) Christmas Eve nuptials, it would be a great opportunity for a mini-reunion!”

via Dealbook:

In May 1999, on the stately campus of Harvard Law School, Mathew Martoma was facing expulsion for doctoring his grades in the hopes of securing a coveted judicial clerkship. That same month, Arlo Devlin-Brown was preparing to graduate from the school on his way to one such clerkship. Fifteen years later, the classmates are having something of a reunion in Federal District Court in Lower Manhattan, though there is not much to celebrate. Mr. Devlin-Brown is prosecuting Mr. Martoma, who went on to become a trader at SAC Capital Advisors, on criminal insider trading charges. Mr. Martoma, who went by the name Ajai Mathew Thomas at Harvard, is accused of using secret drug trial information to help SAC avoid losses and gain profits of $276 million.

In Insider Case, Harvard Classmates on Different Sides of the Court [Dealbook]

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15 Responses to “Exclusive Preview: Harvard Law School Class Notes”

  1. HRB says:

    I would get a degree from every ivy if it ment I could share one magical night with Bess.

    – Hopeless Romantic Banker

    • Xozo says:

      Exactly. We like sexy girls the same way women like smart and confident and powerful men. I don't see the problem. The fact is that an ugly woman has value to society like a weak and boring man does. No big deal.

  2. Cliff says:

    Anybody else seeing the "JPMorgan Summer Intern Class Includes Swiss Model June 24, 2011 " showing under popular post? Call me Tounge Shitty McShiteatherass, but I would tounge bang her brown eye to raise money to end world hunger need be.

  3. Bloomsbury Banker says:

    I would get a degree from every ivy if it ment I could share one magical chart with Matt.

  4. ILoveLamp says:

    What kind of idiot uses a computer to alter test outcomes? That kind of shit might fly at Starfleet Academy, but this is Harvard Law!

    -J.T. Kirk

  5. pizza_with_fork says:

    you know what's REALLY funny? Devlin-Brown is probably one of the gunners that snitched on Martoma's doctored transcript. I don't buy the judge "thought something was fishy" with the transcript. the judge and or HLS was likely tipped by a jealous, dime-dropping gunner who knew Martoma didn't have the grades, i.e., class rank to get a call back on a clerkship.

    • guest says:

      "It is unclear whether Mr. Devlin-Brown was aware of the expulsion at the time. Authorities discovered the expulsion in the course of investigating Mr. Martoma, one person briefed on the case said, and the tip did not come from Mr. Devlin-Brown. "

      • Gasol says:

        Sounds like the time Shazar covered his nuts in peanut butter and headed to the dog park

      • pizza_with_fork says:

        I'm referring to the judge back in '99. Martoma, or whatever the fuck his name was back then, had a clerkship offer on the table. not a doubt in my mind one of his jealous classmates dropped a dime that led to his expulsion at HLS. this con artist took those knocks, said fuck you to Harvard and schemed his way to an MBA at Stanford and an offer at SAC. outrageous.

  6. guest says:

    Now there's a guy who should have changed his name without even having to commit grade fraud.

  7. C. Gasparino says:

    This reminds me of the time I ran into my Pace buddy at a rub-n-tug.

  8. Guest says:

    Rule #1 of HLS: Don't ever talk about HLS.

  9. TheodoreBallgamePhD says:

    Even now, Matt's got 6 footnotes on a Bloomberg article: