Film Professor Ready To Convict Mathew Martoma Right Now So He Can Have A Smoke

After a full day of questioning dozens of potential candidates in a federal courtroom in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday, lawyers still had not selected the 12-member jury for the insider trading trial of Mathew Martoma, a former hedge fund manager at SAC Capital Advisors…One of the eight potential jurors excused before lunch was a lawyer who said she had concerns about her ability to be impartial. Another was a man who said he questioned the value of insider trading laws on economic grounds. By the afternoon, potential jurors were excused for more mundane reasons, like being unable to take three and a half weeks off from work for the trial. The group of remaining candidates included the chief executive of a footwear and accessory company who wore four-inch boots, a film professor at New York University who spent much of the day chewing on an unlit cigar and an employee at the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. [Dealbook]

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8 Responses to “Film Professor Ready To Convict Mathew Martoma Right Now So He Can Have A Smoke”

  1. OWS says:

    Nice. They may have to call in more jurors because too many people are being excused. It will be easier to dig into the 20% of the 99% who are below poverty line and probably won't have much compassion for the 1%

  2. I saw it coming says:

    My sources tell me the dude chewing the cigar is not a professor, it's actually not a dude. It's Monica, Monica Lewinsky waiting for Bill Clinton to do his magic. Everything else stated above is correct

  3. lilybart says:

    Is Dr Roe Martoma conjuring 80's Jessica McClintock frocks to look more homespun? I hear a jury selection expert warned the Martoma family that if cashmere must be worn, it should be something low-key from Malo.