Goldman Sachs Execs Thrilled With Results Of Utah Experiment, Could Use A Little Work In The “How To Talk With People From Utah” Department

Goldman Sachs Group Inc has been quietly moving thousands of jobs from pricey places like New York and London to cheaper cities like Salt Lake City in recent years, and executives said on Thursday those efforts are finally starting to show up in the bank’s results…More than 30 people with global responsibilities are now based in the state capital of Utah, including a compliance team headed by Matthew Moore, a managing director who oversees regulatory audits and inquiries. A credit research team of more than 60 people who perform reviews of Goldman’s counterparties is also based in Utah…One former Salt Lake City employee recalled visits from senior executives touring the office that were filled with awkward banter about skiing or the Mormon religion, and an emphasis on how important the office was because of how cheap it is. [Reuters via Lauren LaCapra]

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14 Responses to “Goldman Sachs Execs Thrilled With Results Of Utah Experiment, Could Use A Little Work In The “How To Talk With People From Utah” Department”

  1. Guest says:

    I thought that's what Jersey City was for.

  2. Guest says:

    Clearly they are running with Amy Chua's, "Triple Package." Her most desirables:
    ◾Jewish (Rubenfeld’s background)
    ◾Chinese (Chua’s background)
    ◾Cuban exiles

    Connect the dots here…

  3. Brigham says:

    Can I interest you in some literature?

  4. Guest says:

    Did they try bringing up "Sister Wives?" That seems like engaging water cooler talk…. oh wait, even they moved the hell away from Utah…

  5. quant me maybe... says:

    Nothing motivates me more than being told I'm cheap.

  6. pazzo83 says:

    "One former Salt Lake City employee recalled visits…"

    Yeah, see what happens when you speak up?

    – G Smith

  7. EQ in Dallas says:

    Compliance in Utah huh?

    I thought they were lying when they said it could have been worse for me!

    • Brady says:

      So GS has compliance in Utah???? Get ready Bismarck, ND..Here…we..come!!!

      – Every other "Bulge Bracket's" back office

  8. guestyo says:

    God's work… in Utah.

  9. dutch banker says:

    Goldman has compliance?

  10. Guest says:

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    As it was her wish that you have this money, I must request that you send me all of your bank details, pin numbers and any identification numbers that you have.

    This is so that I can send on the monies to you!

    If you can include either a British or an American passport with your mail this would be very helpful. This would aid me with my transactions!