Local Man Offers Personal Opinion On Insideriness Of Mathew Martoma’s Inside Information

It looks to Thomas Wisniewski like the former Ajai Mathew Thomas could simply have forwarded Steve Cohen a press release, rather than make an incriminating phone call. But, you know, others might differ on that read.

Defense lawyers walked Thomas Wisniewski, a professor at the New York University School of Medicine, through a side-by-side comparison of a PowerPoint presentation on a clinical drug test allegedly leaked to Mr. Martoma and an earlier news release on the test.

According to Dr. Wisniewski, the two documents mostly contained the same information, testimony that could bolster Mr. Martoma’s defense….

Dr. Wisniewski testified that the information in the PowerPoint presentation largely mirrored data released publicly by Elan in a June 17, 2008, news release….

Mr. Martoma’s lawyers, who put on the defense case for two days, rested on Thursday afternoon. Closing arguments are expected to begin Monday.

Expert Says Key Document in Martoma Trial Was Public [WSJ]

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2 Responses to “Local Man Offers Personal Opinion On Insideriness Of Mathew Martoma’s Inside Information”

  1. Quant me maybe... says:

    Judging from the picture that whole multi-billionaire thing didn't work out for Alwaleed bin Talal, so he became a doctor. Now that's a credible defense witness.

  2. CF no A though says:

    So basically he's saying Shaz should just hand in a copy of whatever article he thinks will make him sound edgy and insightful instead of using his skill set acquired at cut and copy U.