Most Powerful Court In All The Land Has A New Leader

Leo E. Strine Jr., come on down.

Delaware’s governor nominated Chancellor Leo E. Strine Jr. as the next chief justice of the state’s supreme court, in a widely expected promotion for one of corporate law’s biggest personalities….

Mr. Strine is about the closest thing to a celebrity in the buttoned-up world of corporate law. His courtroom demeanor—sometimes charming, sometimes caustic, often unpredictable— has earned him both fans and detractors.

He once called fashion designer Tory Burch’s divorce a “drunken WASP fest,” only to be told she is Jewish. He compared a phone call between El Paso Corp. Chief Executive Doug Foshee and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. chief Lloyd Blankfein, a transcript of which was aired in litigation over El Paso’s 2012 buyout, to Lionel Richie’s 1984 love ballad “Hello.”

His rulings are peppered with pop-culture references, ranging from “Jersey Shore” reality star Snooki to Takeru Kobayashi, the Japanese hot dog-eating champion. He also has name-checked Paris Hilton, Elvis Costello, Fritos (he’s a fan) and Topsider shoes (not so much).

Mr. Strine has a tendency to opine on legal issues not technically before him, a habit that has earned him unusual public rebukes from the state’s supreme court.

Not anymore.

Leo Strine Nominated to Head Delaware Supreme Court [WSJ]

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    So your first post is 2 hours late and now you're just grabbing AboveTheLaw content and slapping it on the site?

    If you can't be funny or original at least be on time please.

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    8 words? 8 fucking words Shazzy? C'mon man

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    I don't know, I found it Shazarrific.

  4. Avaya says:

    I made a woman laugh so much (not the first) that soon her knickers were on the floor..she was wet, dripping…and then I got to work…so hard…yet so easy.

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    Great information…I like the post)-