P.S. Citi Is Serious Protecting Its Junior Bankers’ Weekends

After sending out a memo yesterday informing junior employees that vacations are now mandatory and one weekend a month must be spent outside the office, management reiterated:

…that “compliance” with no Saturday work / remote access “will be validated against physical and computer usage logs.” Finally, all “pre-approved” Saturday exceptions must be sent by lead MD to group head, and will be aggregated / reported to CIB mgmt on a regular basis.

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9 Responses to “P.S. Citi Is Serious Protecting Its Junior Bankers’ Weekends”

  1. Energy MLP Analyst says:

    It's all fun and games, until you get a follow-on equity offering on Friday afternoon…

  2. Fungae says:

    Fun and games, indeed.

  3. guest says:

    Protected Weekend Day
    All CIB Analysts and Associates should be out of the office from Friday at 10:00 PM until Sunday at 10:00 AM. Further, we do not expect them to log on remotely to work during this time. However, we would expect that they will continue to check their email in the event that any business critical issues arise.

    Of course we expect you to put in extra time during the remaining days of the week to make up for the time out of the office from Friday at 10:00pm until Sunday at 10:00.

  4. Guest says:

    The good news is that junior bankers now get 24 extra holiday days.

    The bad news is it's off the back of a 365 day work year as opposed to a 261 one.

  5. B456 says:

    It's gonna be a shit show when Dec 10th rolls around and no one has taken their vacation yet for the year.