P.S. Jamie Dimon Isn’t Going Anywhere

A feisty Jamie Dimon said that he’s not planning on resigning in the wake of a raft of fines that has plagued JP Morgan over the past year. Asked if he would consider resigning on a conference call this morning to discuss the bank’s fourth-quarter results with reporters, the chairman and CEO fired off: ”No, no and no.” He qualified his comments in the same breath, “And it’s all up to the board.” [Quartz]

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2 Responses to “P.S. Jamie Dimon Isn’t Going Anywhere”

  1. Observer says:

    What a dumb question. The moron who asked the question should watch Wolf of Wall Street as a mandatory training to understand what motivates people on Wall St. There is absolutely no reason Dimon would feel compelled to resign under value system he subscribes to. GRAB WHAT YOU CAN WHILE YOU CAN. FUCK THE CUSTOMERS!

  2. klhoughton says:

    Geez, if you're going to tell a joke, tell ALL of it:

    Dimon: “And it’s all up to the board.”

    Reporter: Of which you are the Chairman.