Study: Shareholders Like CEOs Who They Can See Themselves Having A Beer/Sleeping With

Two economists say their study shows that investors assign higher share values to companies run by attractive chief executives, that these chiefs are paid more than less-appealing counterparts and that the better looking the C.E.O.’s, the better they are at undertaking financially successful deals. The conclusion of the unusual academic study — a sort of corporate version of “Hot or Not” — is that shareholders are as easily swayed by the glint in the eye of a chief executive as they are by a company’s actual numbers, at least in the short term. [Dealbook]

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8 Responses to “Study: Shareholders Like CEOs Who They Can See Themselves Having A Beer/Sleeping With”

  1. guest says:

    the boys at DB, charlie munger and i ran train on sara blakely true fucking story

  2. UBS Analyst says:

    We reiterate our overweight rating of YHOO with a price target of $60. The ass is still fat.

  3. Nailz6 says:

    Jamie Dimon

  4. Polar Vortex says:

    Lars Ulrich

  5. The Ghost of Matt says:

    How does this explain Facebook?

    -UBS Ugliness Quant

  6. Rebecca Martinson says:

    How bout those that with actually sleep with all the shareholders?

  7. Guestimate says:

    Can't believe it took two "economists" to figure out that attractive people are assigned higher values by society.

    If those ass hats had a life, they'd have realized that 30 Rock even did an episode on this.

  8. Rebecca M. says:

    You must get invited to all the good parties.

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