Write-Offs: 01.08.14

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6 Responses to “Write-Offs: 01.08.14”

  1. Guy who digs Becky says:

    No OB yet, someone check on Shazar, he might be frozen to the glory hole.

    • NYPD says:

      BREAKING: Fashionista intern (who doesn’t dress too slutty) apparently had got major whale tail showing today. According to sources, Shazar broke into tears and began to whack furiously with a demonic look in his eyes in front of said intern. Cops were called and Shazar is currently in custody. FIT was notified along with the intern’s parents of the fiasco. She is currently resting at Beth Israel Hospital.

  2. Guest says:

    These days DB sort of like that chick that you had an awesome time with a few times but then she just can't keep it up and after a couple days/weeks the real her starts to come out.

  3. Heigh Guise says:

    Hey guys ; )